Updates On SSR Case: Arrest More Drug Dealers Linked To Showik Chakraborty, Priyanka Explained Her Prescription

Hanima Anand |Sep 03, 2020

Latest reports said that NCB has arrested 4 people in total that are involved in the drug aspects. Meanwhile, SSR sister just gave her explanation for the prescription leaked online.

The last hours witness different movements from all sides, the police, Rhea Chakraborty, and Sushant Singh Rajput family. See what they show us today.

Four drug peddlers arrested in relation to Showik Chakraborty

Yesterday, Narcotics Control Bureau announced their arrest of two more persons who allegedly sold buds to Showik Chakraborty, the younger brother of Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend.

Showik Chakraborty And Rhea Chakraborty
Showik Chakraborty's WhatsApp message even mentioned dad wants drugs.

Several days ago, some WhatsApp messages between Showik Chakraborty and drug dealers were leaked online, hinting Rhea’s brother consuming drug constantly. Following the clues, the NCB has made an arrest of two people named Abbas Lakhani and Karn Arora when they were transporting marijuana.

Investigation indicated a close link between Abbas Lakhani and Zaid Vilatra, a Bandra resident. Zaid Vilatra was also a person mentioned in the WhatsApp chat between Showik Chakraborty and Samuel Miranda. To be specific, on March 17th, Showik forwarded the phone number of Zaid to Sushant’s house manager Miranda. He asked Miranda to pay Zaid Rs 10,000 in exchange for 5 gram of bud. Police also confirmed that Miranda then contacted Zaid to finish the task.

Realizing the important role of Zaid Vilatra in the Sushant’s case in terms of drug aspect, the Mumbai NCB raided his residence building on Sep 1st night and seized more than Rs. 9 lakh together with $2,000 in cash.

Narcotics Control Bureau Seize Bud
Samuel Miranda used to pay Zaid 10,000 rupees for 5 gram of bud, requested by Showik Chakraborty.

Zaid was then interrogated, confirming his illegal business from which he earned good money. He also named his close associate Basit Parihar who talked to him before he chatted with Samuel Miranda in March.

Another person mentioned is Suryadeep Malhotra who was also in touch with Showik Chakraborty along with Basit Parihar. However, the NCB hasn’t stated what they would do to Suryadeep. The authority informed the press that they would soon book Showik Chakraborty for questioning while relevant data would be transferred to CBI for Sushant Singh Rajput case if necessary.

Sushant Singh Rajput Case Update
Lawyers from both sides constantly refute negative claims from the other.

Being asked about the latest report from NCB, Satish Maneshinde, lawyer of Rhea Chakraborty said he did not want to comment on the claim. His customer had denied she used drug before and also revealed that Sushant used to smoke marijuana before she met him.

Priyanka Tanwar gave Sushant her own prescription for anxiety

Earlier today, the lawyer of Sushant Singh Rajput family just cleared the confusion over Priyanka’s prescription for the late actor on June 8th. According to Vikas Singh, the sister of Sushant did give him the medicines on June 8. However, that wasn’t because she knew about Sushant’s condition before as Rhea claimed.

Priyanka Tanwar Sister Of Sushant Singh Rajput
Priyanka was claimed to prescribe medicines she took for Sushant, but not aware of his depression.

To be specific, on June 8 after Rhea Chakraborty left the house, Sushant was very anxious. His sister Priyanka Tanwar suggested the prescription to Sushant to get rid of common anxiety because she used to take the same medicines before. Priyanka also said she had arranged for a prescription through an online consultation. She was not aware of his depression as others claimed.

During the press conference, Sushant Singh Rajput family lawyer also dismissed the rumor of Sushant’s life insurance policy. He emphasized that the family was suffering endless pain while false information was constantly spreading the Internet.

Vikas Singh Lawyer Of Sushant
All statements from SSR family now are delivered through lawyer Vikas Singh.

Amid the back-and-forth allegations from both sides, some people now show their support for Rhea Chakraborty and her family, including Bollywood actors like Taapsee Pannu and Shibani Dandekar.

Starbiz.com will update latest reports on Bollywood News.

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