Who Is Kiara Advani Grandfather? How Is She Related To Ganguly Family?

Hanima Anand |Nov 26, 2020

While sources state Kiara Advani is the step-great-granddaughter of the Bollywood icon Ashok Kumar, not many people can imagine their relation. Let us explain it in details here!

Kiara Advani is an interesting case of Bollywood debutants. Though she wasn’t born in a typical cinematic family as Alia Bhatt or Ananya Pandey, Kiara quickly gains massive popularity in the industry after her first movies. Having said that, people are reluctant to believe Kiara Advani grandfather or her parents do not have any link to Bollywood.

Kiara Advani photo 1
Netizens are always curious whether Kiara Advani is linked with Bollywood nepotism.

Scroll down below and we will show you how this Kabir Singh actress is related to legendary Hindi film icons despite her businessman father.

Kiara Advani grandfather & relation to the Ganguly family

To trace back to who was Kiara Advani grandfather, you should know her parents first.

Kiara Advani real name is Alia Advani. She changed her name to Kiara before her debut in 2014 so as not to be mistaken with Alia Bhatt, suggested by Salman Khan.

Kiara Advani Photo 2
You may not know Kiara Advani real name is Alia.

Kiara Advani’s father is a Sindhi Hindu businessman named Jagdeep Advani. Kiara Advani's mother is Genevieve Jaffrey who is a teacher. When people talk about Kiara Advani grandfather, they probably refer to Genevieve Jaffrey’s dad who linked to the Ganguly family. Jagdeep Advani’s family backgrounds are not related to the film industry though.

Jagdeep Advani net worth also remains a mystery as neither Kiara nor her father reveals any information of their family business. The only number we know is Kiara Advani net worth, which is estimated at 21 crore of Indian rupees.

Kiara Advani Parents
Kiara Advani relates to Ashok Kumar on her maternal side.

Back to our main question, Kiara Advani grandfather is Hameed Jaffrey, a Muslim, who is the brother of British-Indian actor Saeed Jaffrey. Therefore, Saeed Jaffrey is called the great uncle of Kiara Advani.

Kiara Advani Great Uncle
Saeed Jaffrey, Kiara's great uncle passed away in London in 2015.

Kiara Advani grandmother is Valerie Salway, a descendant of Scottish, Irish, Portuguese and Italian. Valerie was the first wife of Hameed Jaffrey. They had two daughters together, including Geneviève Jaffrey (Kiara’s mother) and Shaheen Jaffrey.

Kiara Advani grandfather Hameed Jaffrey married twice. After his divorce from Kiara’s grandmother, he got married to Bharati Patel who is the daughter of movie icon Ashok Kumar. Bharati Patel then acquired Geneviève Jaffrey and Shaheen Jaffrey as her step-daughters, turning Kiara Advani her step-granddaughter.

Accordingly, Kiara Advani is a step-great-granddaughter of Ashok Kumar as many sources claimed. That’s the way she is related to the privileged Ganguly family built up by three brothers Ashok Kumar, Anoop Kumar, and Kishore Kumar.

Kiara Advani Step Great Grandfather
Ashok Kumar's daughter Bharati married Kiara's grandfather as her second husband.

In brief, Kiara Advani shared no biological link with the Ganguly family members. Their sole relation is the second marriage between Ashok Kumar’s daughter and Kiara Advani grandfather.

Meanwhile, the Kabir Singh actress is directly related to actor Shaheen Jaffrey by blood as he is the brother of her grandfather, Hameed Jaffrey.

More about Kiara Advani family

Kiara Advani had two siblings and she is the eldest child in the family.

Kiara Advani sister is Ishita Advani who is 30 years old in 2020. If you follow Kiara’s Instagram, you will see Ishita sometimes in her post. According to a post, Ishita got engaged to a man named Karma Vivan in December 2019.

Kiara Advani Sister
Kiara often shows attachment to her sister Ishita on Instagram.

Through the photos, we could see the two sisters are really attached to each other. The actress used to share that Ishita always used her as a pillow when they both lied on the couch. She also called her sister ‘blingy behen’ in the birthday post of Ishita.

Kiara Advani Sister Ishita And Husband
Kiara Advani's sister and her husband

Kiara Advani brother is Mishaal Advani who is often sought after on the Internet. This is because Mishaal Advani owns a good-looking appearance and shares an amazing bond with his famous sister Kiara.

Kiara Advani Brother
Kiara Advani's brother stirs the Internet for his handsome appearance.

The duo are often seen posing in adorable photos on their family vacations. Many fans even rush to urge Mishaal to soon have his debut in the industry.

In fact, Kiara and Mishaal both inherit beauties from their parents. In a post where the Guilty actress made a trip down her memory lane, people could spot her father Jagdeep Advani and her mother Geneviève when they were young. Both of them looked stunning in the photos.

Kiara Advani Father
Kiara Advani's father when he was young

The actress is very attached to her family members. She often thanks them for supporting her career as well as always getting her back in every of her decision.

We are sure Kiara Advani grandfather and parents had a very great way to bring up their children, so we have such a successful actress as her now.

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