Kedarnath Behind The Scenes, Sara Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput And Abhishek Kapoor Happier Than Ever

Author |Nov 03, 2018

The official trailer of Abhishek Kapoor's latest movie Kedarnath has been released on October 30. The trailer received positive reactions from its audiences

The official trailer of Abhishek Kapoor's latest movie Kedarnath has been released on October 30. The trailer received positive reactions from its audiences. Kedarnath follows a romantic story between Mukku (starred by Sara Ali Khan), a young and beautiful Hindu tourist, and Mansoor (starred by Sushant Singh Rajput), an enthusiastic Muslim porter. The duo met and fall in love in a harsh background of the dreadful Uttarakhand floods resulting in the dead of thousands of people in 2013.

Reportedly, during the shooting process, the producer Ronnie Screwvala and the director Abhishek Kapoor have disagreements. Recently, the throwback images posted on Kapoor's Instagram has eradicated all the rumors.

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The lovely resting moment between Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput.

She posted this picture with "blessed and excited" feelings while waiting for the releasing of Kedarnath's trailer.
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The director and the actor posed some memorable pics while the crew was preparing to shoot.
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"The day before 1st day of shoot.. like starting a long expedition.", Abhishek Kapoor announced on his Instagram and received enthusiastic support from his fans.
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An image of Kapoor and his main actors in a stunning shooting place. The director captioned that this is one of the "incredibly difficult and full-filling shoot" of the movie.
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"Hey Kapoor, what are you planning to do?", Sushant Singh Rajput said.
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Kapoor commented that Sara and Sushant are always full of "electric" during the shooting process.
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A gorgeous pic of Sara in the breathtaking background of shooting place.
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"Stay strong and focused.. you're on your way", said the director to his prominent main actor.

After the trailer was released, the burning kiss between Sushant and Sara regardless of the dreadful tragedy are coming nearly. Also, the Uttarakhand floods were reconstructed authentically and impressively.

Watch the official trailer here:

Previously, there were several controversies between the producer and the director. Therefore, it took a very long time to solve the difference between the two, which delayed the shooting time for months. In the meantime, the actor Sara agreed to co-act with Ranveer Singh in an action project named Simmba. Then, Abhishek Kapoor accused Sara of breaching Kedarnath's contract after the actor had given up the shooting dates of Kedarnath for Simmba.

At first, Kedarnath's release date should have been in June 2018 but because of the controversies and differences, it was postponed about 6 months. Now, the movie will initially hit the box office on December 7, 2018.


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