Ha Ha Ha Laugh! Kangana Ranaut Tells Haters To Laugh Louder When Retweeting Pawan Khera

Hanima Anand |Jan 08, 2021

When the war between Kangana and Diljit Dosanjh gradually falls out of public attention, the Bollywood actress needs another target to maintain her spot in the limelight. This time is all her haters.

Any Bollywood fan might be familiar with and probably tired of Kangana Ranaut’s endless wars of words. Let’s see what she’s trying to do this time!

Kangana Ranaut And Pawan Khera On Twitter
The so-called Queen actress has a warning post for Pawan Khera.

Kangana Ranaut succeeded in getting more followers

Since India entered its nationwide lockdown till date, Kangana has made the best use of social media to boost her popularity. From bold statements that attack Bollywood nepotism after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, to extreme reactions to Diljit Dosanjh’s support for the ongoing farmers’ protest, she did succeed in increasing her number of followers.

Just two days ago, Kangana Ranaut announced her Twitter account had crossed 3 million followers, which was unbelievable as she just joined the platform in August last year.

However, that number hasn’t satisfied her yet as she continued to evoke war with almost anyone if possible. In case you don’t remember, in her fight with Diljit Dosanjh over farmers’ protest, Kangana Ranaut tried to drag Priyanka Chopra in her criticism because PeeCee shared Diljit’s post.

Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka
When the public no longer cares about her war with Diljit, Kangana found her new target.

In fact, PeeCee was just one in many Bollywood actors who supported Diljit Dosanjh but why she was tagged but not others? The answer is simple. She’s the most famous actor Kangana could involve in her war to get more attention. Unlucky for her, Priyanka is smart enough to neglect all those stuff and didn’t retweet the post.

Kangana Ranaut tells her haters to laugh louder

In her latest movement, Kangana Ranaut appeared to find new prey for her attention hunting. To be specific, on January 5, Kangana shared that many people got jealous of her ability to debate on almost all topics as well as the way she defeated her opponents. The actress then advised people to invest in themselves.

Reacting to her tweet, Pawan Khera, National Congress spokesperson, wrote a sarcastic post on his account while sharing Kangana’s statements.

Pawan Khera Tweet On Kangana Ranaut
Pawan Khera's tweet on Kangana Ranaut

Immediately jumped at the opportunity, Kangana Ranaut responded to Pawan Khera that almost everyone laughed at her when she first joined Bollywood due to her accent or appearance. However, they cried later and were still crying then. She mocked her haters to keep on laughing and laugh louder for the years to come.

See her full tweet below!

Kangana Ranaut Tweet On Haters
The Bollywood actress doesn't mind attacking the politician.

Kangana’s post gathered over 16.7K likes on Twitter while Pawan’s tweet received more than 11.1K likes. After the war between Kangana and Dijit, Pawan Khera is probably the next fighter against the vocal actress.

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