More Bollywood Actors Come To Support Diljit Dosanjh In The War With Kangana Ranaut

Hanima Anand |Dec 04, 2020

Mistaking an elderly woman in the farmers’ protest but Kangana didn’t admit her mistake. This forces Diljit to involve in a war of words with her and he’s backed by many Bollywood actors as well.

Kangana Ranaut’s shocking claims are no strange things to Indian netizens but it has come to a point that even celebrities themselves can’t stand the attention-seeking posts from this Bollywood actress. This time, the leading Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh decided to voice his opinion.

Kangana Ranaut
It's common seeing Kangana Ranaut in a fight with almost everyone.

It all started when Kangana Ranaut misidentified an elderly Sikh woman in the on-going Indian farmers’ protest as Bilkis Bano of Shaheen Bagh. When being pointed out they were two different women with the former’s name as Mahinder Kaur, Ranaut chose to delete her tweet rather than post an apology.

Reacting to this, Diljit Dosanjh shared a video of Mahinder and requested Kangana to respect farmers in general. Instead of a thank, he received a fiery tweet from Ranaut that calls him Karan Johar’s pet.

Diljit Dosanjh
The Punjabi singer and actor was called Karan's pet after his tweet.

The incident fueled a Twitter war of words that many netizens and celebrities have joined also. Latest reports said that Kangana Ranaut had blocked Diljit Dosanjh and some of his advocates.

While some users advise Diljit to stop criticizing Kangana as it wouldn’t get him more films in Bollywood, the Punjabi singer and actor replied they could produce their own films. He in turns advised the fan to ask Kangana to respect their mothers.

Besides Punjabi stars such as Himanshi Khurana, Ammy Virk, Sargun Mehta or Sukhe, a lot of Bollywood actors also come to support Diljit.

Swara Bhaskar
Swara Bhaskar is very vocal about hatred in the industry.
Bollywood Actors Support Diljit
Some Bollywood actresses come in support for Diljit.

The Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker was among the first ones to tweet. She praised that Diljit Dosanjh was a star. Her post received over 57k likes on the social platform.

Following are Shruti Seth, Kubbra Sait, and Angad Bedi. In fact, most people criticize Kangana Ranaut as an opportunist who made use of the farmers’ protest to get attention.

Bollywood Actors Support Diljit 2
Angad Bedi also calls for respect towards farmers in general.

It’s not the first time she was slammed as well. Some months ago, Ranaut was called out by Taapsee Pannu for taking advantage of Sushant’s death for popularity.

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