Jalebi Trailer with Rhea Chakraborty: Be prepared for the cringeworthy-ness

Author |Sep 10, 2018

From what we see in the Jalebi trailer, Rhea Chakraborty, Varun Mitra’s cringeworthy performance will give you second-hand embarrassment.

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Every movie maker does not like one thing: The movie poster peaks everything inside. However, that sadly fact happened to Jalebi, a movie starring Rhea Chakraborty and Varun Mitra. At the beginning of this week, they revealed the trailer of the film. From what we expect by the title, the film has a stereotype of story that we have watched too much before.

Rhea's character is a cheerful person. She's the type of short shorts and highest self-confidence. She plays hopscotch though she has already more than 20 years old. When she comes to meet her boyfriend's family, she just wears pyjamas. It couldn't help either with the fact that she is going to marry a man she has just known. When it comes to the couple's honeymoon, she finds out that she is having trouble. She does not want to only stay in the house with bad internet connection. Certainly, we can agree that no one can live without a good Wifi!

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Later, she ditches her husband unexpectedly (though we can expect that from the beginning) . She becomes teary because she tells him that how can she supposed to live without him while stepping out of their place. Thus, her amusing logic considered this as suicide.

Later, the two happen to meet again on a train. He is now a husband of another woman and already has a child. And the tragic drama is how she treated him like he was only a piece of her cake. The good die young indeed.

The trailer contains a combination of the two dialogues with sloppy editing . The acting is super cringeworthy. Moreover, the story is redundant and even an Arijit Singh song cannot save it all. Let's watch the trailer if you have not. Let's prepare for all the cringeworthy-ness you may have!

Pushdeep Bharadwaj is a director of the film with Mukesh Bhatt as its producer. This is the debut in directing of Pushdeep. The movie is going to be on screen on October 12th. Up till then, let's hope that no one would get diabetes from all the secondhand embarrassment in the movie.


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