"India And Pakistan War Would Be The Most Entertaining", Internet Explodes With Trevor Noah Offensive Joke

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 01, 2019

South African comedian Trevor Noah made a “not-funny” joke about India and Pakistan amid fears of escalation.

The host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah made an ugly joke about India and Pakistan amid fears of escalating tensions. He said that he hopes Indian and Pakistan will not declare war, but if it happened, it would be “the most entertaining” war between the two nations. The comedian then received a huge backlash for his sarcastic comment.

Trevor Noah

Moreover, Trevor Noah compared Indian soldiers' war cry with Bollywood song. His disrespect and ignorance therefore only sparking outrage on the Internet. Following by, many people expressed their rage and asked how he could find this serious matter is funny to joke about. Some even called him ‘racist’ and ‘despicable’.

Here is all the Internet reaction to Trevor Noah:

Nevertheless, the host of The Daily Show has been used to the audience’s criticism as he always has controversy statement. Previously, he made fun of Oscars nominee “Black Panther” and supposed that Wakanda is a real country.

After saying that he grew up in Wakanda and T’Challa often flies over his village, the host added: “abelungu abazi uba ndiyaxoka’, means “In times like these, we are stronger when we fight together than when we try to fight apart.” But his dialogue actually means “White people don’t know I’m lying”.


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