Here Are 5 Most Controversial Statements To Prove Kangana Ranaut Is Truly A Drama Queen

Leela Adwani |Apr 17, 2019

Here are 5 controversial statements of Kangana after her film’s release that took the B-town by storm, from directors to A-listers, she doesn’t spare anyone.

It’s not exaggerated to say Kangana Ranaut is one-of-the-kind celebs of B-town as she is too outspoken and brazen for an A-list actor. Some even considered her as Rakhi Sawant of the cine industry, but that cannot stop the dramas queen from ‘too openly’ speaking her mind.

The Manikarnika - The Queen Of Jhansi actress has also fearlessly vocal about sexism and nepotism and even didn’t shy away from letting the world know about her rumored relationship with actor Hrithik Roshan.

Reports also suggested that Kangana has lost many projects due to her arrogance, though she then went on publicity to state that she isn’t interested in collaborating with the Khans.

Now Ranuat is back with the silver screen with another film but soon turning to be a blockbuster Manikarnika. Thanks to the collection of Rs 160 crore, the Queen has never failed to prove her position in Bollywood. For those who came to attack her during the film’s release together, now it’s time for her to hit back at those celebs.

Here are five controversial statements of Kangana after her film’s release that took the B-town by storm.

Kangana takes dig at Alia Bhatt

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In an interview with a news portal, the actress lashed out at the Kalank star Alia Bhatt. "I suggested that she grows some spine and support an important film about woman empowerment and nationalism....if she doesn’t have a voice of her own and her existence is all about being KJo (Karan Johar) puppet, then I don’t consider her successful,” said her.

She further added she told Alia if she is focusing on seeking money and doesn’t raise her voice, the success isn’t valuable.

Kangana hits her Manikarnika’s director Krish back

Kangana Ranaut And Krish
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When the film released, co-helmer Krish went on to claim that how hurt when he saw his name listed in the second place in the director list as according to him 70% of the movie was directed by him.

The actress fiercely responded that  "Nothing succeeds like success. These people would have disowned the film if it was bad. These are the people who had abandoned it. [But] this is a good fight, where the cast and crew are bickering over who owns the movie more.”

Upset that many Bollywood stars haven't seen her film, Kangana criticizes all the leading celebs of B-town

Kangana at press conference
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During a press conference, the actress said,  "Yeh meri kya madad karenge, yeh apne aap ko he promote kar le. I am 30 and have about 3-4 national awards. I don't want to work with them."

She even wondered why many stars scared her as she spoke about nepotism. It’s like they are gathering and trying to bully her.

The actress was surprised when Uri threw a harsh fight to her film Manikarnika

Uri Movie

"None of us expected the competition we got from Uri. It was another patriotic film that shared the same theme - fighting back for the nation. It was in its third week, but it still put up quite a tough fight," she said in a recent interview.

Former-costar Sonu Sood isn’t an exception

Kangana Sonu
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Actor Sonu Sood decided to walk out of the film Manikarnika after she stepped into the shoes of the director.

Taking a dig at Sonu, the actress stated, "Sonu Sood is not allowed to talk about the project. He should not be speaking about the film as his contract was terminated. He doesn’t hold any sort of participation in the film. Why is he maligning the film? So, these people have deep-rooted agendas.”

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