Happy Birthday Sara Ali Khan: Lesser-Known Facts About The 25-Year-Old Starlet

Salena Harshini |Aug 12, 2020

Sara Ali Khan is celebrating her 25th birthday today. On the special occasion, we have compiled her rare facts that you may have not known about.

Ever since her first movies, Sara Ali Khan has made her way to be among the most followed young starlets of the millennial generation. As the actress turns 25 today, 12 August, we will take a look at Sara Ali Khan facts that would help you understand more about her.

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan family

She is technically royalty as she is the progeny of actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Amrita Singh. There is not a time when Sara was not already known for her eminent heritage, long before she first appeared in movies.

Her lineage is incredibly illustrious and this is a well-known fact among Indians.

Sara Ali Khan Parents

Sara Ali Khan is the eldest child of Saif Ali Khan, Nabob of Pataudi. Her father inherited the title from his dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi who is probably better known as legendary cricketer Tiger Pataudi for a specific generation.

Meanwhile, Sara’s paternal grandmother is famous actress Sharmila Tagore whose ancestry traces back to Nobel-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore. He was the first-ever non-European to bag Nobel Prize in Literature.


Amrita Singh, the beloved mother of Sara Ali Khan, was a popular actress in the 80s and also the great-niece of novelist Khushwant Singh. Sara Ali Khan’s maternal grandmother Rukhsana Sultana was a socialist and a politician.

Politics culture, arts, cinema, cricket…, the gene pool of Sara Ali Khan vary in so many directions that preoccupy Indians. As we can see, fame got to her long before she became a leading lady of Bollywood cinema.

Sara Ali Khan education

Sara Ali Khan is known as a beauty with brains. She is proficient in Hindi, English,  Urdu, and she graduated as a history and political science graduate at New York’s Columbia Univerisity.


How smart she is has been partially proven through the way she fields interviews with dignity, intelligence, and wit.

Life after her parents split

After her parents divorced, she mostly lives with her mother. However, she still gets on well with her father, especially his new family. Sara Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor share an amazing connection while Sara also loves Taimur Ali Khan to her core.

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What is the guilty food pleasure of Sara Ali Khan?

She is a huge fan of pizza and she is also the biggest sweet-tooth ever. Sara Ali Khan loves besan ke laddoo and milk cake.

Which Bollywood actor did she look up to growing up?

She is Sridevi’s die-hard fan. She is still amazed by the fact that the roles in Sadma (1983) and Chadni (1989) were played by the same actor.

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What's her biggest fear?

She really does not know what she would do without her mother. Her biggest fear is to not have prompt, immediate access to her mother Amrita.

What does she when she gets angry?

Sara Ali Khan said she does not have a temper. If someone pisses her off or really upsets her, she will cry.

Sara 2

Which destinations are on her must-visit list?

She would like to travel to more parts of India. She wanted to visit the North East, and Orissa, Kolkata, Ladakh…

What's her dream role?

Sara Ali Khan wants to do a period movie with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.


What would she be doing if she weren't in films?



Sara Ali Khan has recently shared Instagram stories which showed her celebrating her 25th birthday. The actress looks gorgeous as ever.

We wish her the most fun and happiest birthday with more success and acclaims in every field of life.

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