Gulshan Grover Claims To Build Hollywood Career Thanks To Shah Rukh Khan

Nalini Suri |Aug 01, 2019

Actor Gulshan Grover has revealed his career in Hollywood was done due to Shah Rukh Khan’s support during his difficult time. Read the details!

A part-time detergent salesman child has turned to be the Bollywood Bad Man, Gulshan Grover holds a full-story treasure from rag days to the wealthy time. His memoir Bad Man which released recently contains all such stories and covers more than that.

Gulshan Grover and Shah Rukh Khan in Yes Boss.
Gulshan Grover and Shah Rukh Khan in "Yes Boss"

However, apart from those mysterious stories, Gulshan has embraced another untold truth that he couldn’t include it in the book. And now, he will unveil it - how Shah Rukh Khan contributed to materialize Gulshan’s dream of Hollywood.

He recalls the time to say that


gulshan grover shahrukh khan

Gulshan was so apprehensive of the consequence when he would leave the movie undone but SRK did encourage him. The 63-year-old actor told that:


gulshan grover shahrukh khan

Following the advice, Gulshan truly flew to the U.S., but he faced another battle for his overseas option.


Gulshan Grover

Grateful to SRK for opting him make his dream of Hollywood come true, Gulshan stated:



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