Golden Heart Spiral! Akshay Kumar Gives A Hand To 25 Families Stuck In Bihar Flood

Ankita Chetana |Oct 28, 2019

India is the country to suffer a lot of natural disasters, especially floods which can damage a family. So, we really need loving hands from the bankable people such as Akshay Kumar.

Known as the initiative in the campaigns to support the people in need, Akshay Kumar has inspired his twinkle kindness time and again. One more time he showcased his golden heart by helping out 25 families in danger because of the Bihar flood.

akshay kumar

The heavy stream of water has swept away many precious assets and made a massive loss in people’s lives. Ahead to the damages it caused, the Khiladi of Bollywood couldn’t fold his arm and let them be. He made a decision of donating Rs 1 crore to visit the flood-stricken families in Bihar.

After a certain time of gathering information of struggling people there from the Hindustan Times, Akshay delivered Rs 4 lakh to support 25 families.

akshay kumar

The Bollywood actor gave an inspirational statement to call out the other golden hands:


The status of the Bihar citizens now really needs a lot of supportive hands to rehabilitate most of the things here. Every calamity leaves a huge loss on both man’s lives and property, so we cannot desolate the victims of such disasters.

Akshay Kumar has come forward to help Bihar flood victims

Walking down the memory lane, earlier this year, Akshay Kumar had done every bit he could in supporting to the Odisha cyclone victims. How amazing he is on the screen, how adorable he gets in the social life. A leading superstar types all the sweet words to his own country where poverty and dangers are always lying in wait.


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