Glamour Sinks Like A Rock With These Bollywood Films Delivering Wrong Messages To Society

Ankita Chetana |Nov 21, 2019

Throughout the time, these are some Bollywood films delivering wrong messages to society that received many accusations from netizens.

Every film sends a certain message to all the fans but not always a good one. There have been several times netizens published their anger to Bollywood films delivering wrong messages to society. From ableism to sexism, these issues have been expressed incorrectly in the entertainment products.

We all cannot deny that a lot of movies reflect a multi-dimensional point of view about Indian society. They have raised a loud voice about education, poverty, divisions between the rich and the poor as well as sexual issues. However, these Bollywood films delivering wrong messages are worthy of a decree of criticism showering.

Andhaa Kanoon

Bollywood films delivering wrong messages to society: Andhaa Kanoon

The film aimed to showcase the Justice Lady giving fairness to everybody no matter who they are. However, in reverse to what it is supposed to deliver, the film conveyed a message of blind law.

Pallavi Pandey stated that: “It saddens me to see how a vast majority of my fellow countrymen will never truly understand, or get a fair chance at knowing, what the blindfold really means!”

Partner, Dhishoom


Suresh starrer film did create a big controversy about the gay men when it said that these guys seek straight men to satisfy their libidos. Another film also caused this misunderstanding is Dhishoom featuring John Abraham and Varun Dhawan. In the film, superstar Akshay Kumar joined a gay character in a 4-minute cameo role.

Dostana, Bol Bachchan

The movie rewrote the story of two normal men pretending to love each other but after all, they really become gay men. Mallikarjun Pandya also pointed out another film about gays called Bol Bachchan starring Abhishek Bachchan.

Bollywood films delivering wrong messages to society: Bolbachchan

Pandya said: “If Abhishek Bachchan is playing a gay character in a movie he will either dress up ridiculously and hit on every living thing around him or make jokes about sucking c**k.”

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The film promoted an 8-year-old kid with a mature image to support her father in a reunion with his true love. This is the first weird point while another one is when the boy only realizes that he loves the girl after she changes from a tomboy playing basketball to a charming girl in a saree.


In 2016, Sultan released and became a box-office hero at that time, however, its sexist storyline quite created a bashing garden for netizens. After only two months of training, the man turns to be a wrestler internationally while the girl took a couple of decades to hone her skill.

Bollywood films delivering wrong messages to society: Sultan

In addition, Salman Khan’s role did mention that his happiness is to see his wife’s medal. But after Anushka Sharma (as the wife) holds a pregnancy, she turns backs to her professional life to bring happiness to her husband.

On this hard-to-understand issue, Ketul Makwana commented that: “It is too illogical that the girl who was so determined to her dream before her marriage suddenly gave up on her life’s dream!”


The film starring Shahid Kapoor showcased a romance of a guy who stalks the girl and tries many ways to win her heart. Actually, it’s not right to consider the girl as a trophy and the behavior of stalking is not that kind of romance.

R Rajkumar

Manu Parashar stated: “And then one night, he breaks into her bedroom and catches her unbutton her Kurta. He then takes off his shirt and says “Now, we are even. You’ve seen everything I have.” She asks him to leave that he refuses and lies down on her bed. That’s supposed to be a romantic scene.

The girl then becomes the trophy when the hero challenges the villain that he will be the one to remove the girl’s sari and honeymoon with her on a specified date. Thus starts the match and the fight for the girl’s sari.”

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