Top 7 Unlucky Bollywood Actors Who Lost Their Careers To Silly Mistakes

Hanima Anand |Jul 21, 2020

Humans make mistakes, as we all know, but loosing your entire acting career due to these mistakes is not worth it. See the 7 Bollywood actors who self-ruined their promising careers overnight!

To build a career in the Bollywood industry is not easy, keeping it is much more difficult. When one becomes famous, he is more prone to harmful temptations which may ruin his entire reputation. Yes, we are talking about the top 7 unlucky Bollywood actors who lost their careers due to silly actions.

Some of these Bollywood actors lost their career to drugs while some others messed with the wrong person. Let’s see who this powerful figure is!

Bollywood Actors Lost Careers To Silly Mistake
Some scandals bring a name to stardom, some ended their careers.

Fardeen Khan – Bollywood actor lost career to drug

Fardeen Khan was born into a cinematic family. His late father was a famous actor, director, and film producer Feroz Khan. The Khan family also has many members active in different roles of the Indian film industry.

Fardeen Khan made a debut in Prem Aggan in 1998, bagging the Filmfare Best Debut Award for his lead role. The handsome actor then joined a number of well-received projects. He might have become a popular name in Bollywood if he hadn’t been caught buying cocaine in 2001.

Bollywood Actors Lost Careers To Silly Mistake 1
Fardeen Khan had a perfect launcher but ruined it.

The actor-turned-drug-addict later struggled to get back his reputation with several projects till 2010 but he couldn’t revert the past. Fardeen Khan announced to quit the movie industry to focus on his family that year.

Manisha Koirala – Bollywood actress suffered alcohol addiction

Similar to Fardeen Khan, Manisha Koirala lost her acting career to harmful substances but this case it’s alcohol. The 49-year-old actress used to be among the most popular names in the Bollywood industry during the 2000s. Manisha got 4 Filmfare Awards and the Order of Gorkha Dakshina Bahu from Government of Nepal.

Bollywood Actors Lost Careers To Silly Mistake 2
With this beauty, Manisha could rise to the top A-list Bollywood diva.

However, there was time she was addicted to alcohol, which distracted her from the career. Even more seriously, Manisha was diagnosed with cancer. This forced her to take a long break from the movie business. After she came back, it’s really hard for her to gain widely recognition as before.

Shiney Ahuja – The forever shame to Bollywood

Frankly speaking, Shiney Ahuja is a talented actor who won Best Male Debut at 2003 Filmfare Award with the role in Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. This 45-year-old actor also left remarkable impressions in a number of hits before 2010.

Bollywood Actors Lost Careers To Silly Mistake 3
The actor gathered all disrespects from fans after admitting the crime.

However, Shiney Ahuja betrayed his fans and all the Indian audience in general with the news of him raping the maid in 2009. The actor then confessed the crime and was sent to jail for 7 years.

Sanjay Dutt – The entire cinema statue collapsed

The Bollywood actor who left most regrets after ruining his career is Sanjay Dutt, a legend of Indian cinema.

Born in a typical Bollywood family, Sanjay Dutt has almost everything to become the most famous actor at that time. He possessed incredible acting skills, together with the support of his parents, gaining nationwide reputation and respect.

Bollywood Actors Lost Careers To Silly Mistake 4
Sanjay Dutt (right) meeting with Ranbir Kapoor who played lead role in Sanju.

All of a sudden, the actor was accused of getting involved in the Mumbai serial bombing in 1993 as well as storing illegal weapons. Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to 6 years before being cleared of the charge in 2007. For more details about his dramatic life, you can check for Sanju movie download. This is the famous biopic of Sanjay Dutt featuring Ranbir Kapoor in titular role.

Ameesha Patel – Bollywood actress shot herself in the foot

When it comes to stardom, people expect many personality traits. One of those ‘celeb’ characteristics should be generosity, at least to their family members. But Ameesha Patel went against this.

Bollywood Actors Lost Careers To Silly Mistake 5
Till now, Ameesha Patel is still a bombshell with her beauty.

Amisha made her debut in 2000 in the commercial hit Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai along with Hrithik Roshan. The beautiful actress also joined the 2001 blockbuster Gadar: Ek Prem Katha with Sunny Deol and Amrish Puri. It seemed Ameesha Patel had an easy start and soon became one of the most-searched name in the industry.

However, in 2002, controversies burst out when Ameesha accused her father of misusing her hard-earned money. Due to stress from the incident, the actress also broke up with her 5-year boyfriend at that time and took a break from her movie career. Now people hardly sees Ameesha in important roles.

Pulkit Samrat and Vivek Oberoi – Don’t mess with Salman Khan!

It’s no coincidence that we put these Bollywood actors together. They all ruined their career for the same reason, messing with the Big Boss host Salman Khan.

Pulkit Samrat might have roses laid out on his path to top Bollywood actors if he got on well with his rakhi brother-in-law in the past. According to reports, Pulkit Samrat got married to Shweta Rohira who happened to be Salman Khan’s rakhi sister.

The marriage was so short-lived that only few people remembered it. And Pulkit Samrat was the one to file a divorce, which was frowned upon by Salman.

Bollywood Actors Lost Careers To Silly Mistake 6
Pulkit Samrat is living with Kriti Kharbanda after breaking up with Yami Gautam.

With the influence of Salman Khan in the Bollywood industry, it’s understandable why Pulkit Samrat’s modelling and acting career went downhill after that. Some even rumoured the split of Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam was due to Salman.

Moving to the case of Vivek Oberoi, we must mention Aishwarya Rai as well. At that time, Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan just broke up, and it’s reported that Ash found some peaceful moments besides Vivek.

Bollywood Actors Lost Careers To Silly Mistake 7
Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi used to have feelings for each other.

Salman Khan then called Vivek many times and harassed him over the beauty queen. Vivek said the drunk Salman made up to 42 calls and used harassing languages, which he couldn’t bear any longer.

Vivek Oberoi decided to unveil the case to the media but didn’t receive support from any, even Aishwarya Rai. What happened later you can figure out.

The sober Salman Khan had enough tools to suppress such scandals and made Vivek unable to glow in the industry as before.

Which among these Bollywood actors who lost careers due to silly mistakes that you feel most pity for? Do you think they could make a successful comeback if given a chance to join a recent hit? Leave your comments in the box so other readers can read your opinions, too.

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