The Funny Photos Of Bollywood’s Beauties: Can You Even Recognize Them?

Kimmy Karima |Aug 16, 2019

Even heaven has some rainy days. And even the glamorous stars have some bad-pic days!

Seeing red carpet photos of the stars, we think that they all look gorgeous by default. That they won’t ever have a bad photo! But the fact is that no-one’s perfect.

Even the prettiest stars have some weird moments. And when those moments are captured, they become the funny photos for us to enjoy, and to have more confidence in our own pics.

Bipasha Basu

funny photos
Surprise, Bipasha, surprise!

In her films and fitness videos, Biphasha always looks like a cool and calm queen. But in this photo, it looked like the paparazzi startled her so bad she almost jumped! And maybe all she wanted to do at that moment was to really jump in her car and leave!

Sara Ali Khan

funny photos
What's she doin'?

She’s one of the best looking actresses in Bollywood and she looked great even with the least make-up on. So it’s quite strange (and fresh) that the leading lady of Kedarnath had such an amusing moment. And we can’t help but wondering what she was looking at, what she was afraid of, or maybe even what she was chewing… Anyway, the photo makes us think that Sara was doing something shady and surely didn’t want anyone to see.

Isabelle Kaif

funny photos
Looks like she needed a nap!

This girl with timeless beauty has the aura of a star even in the most candid photos. But a photo taken from a wrong angle, at a wrong time might downgrade her allure a bit. Like in this one, she looked upset, or exhausted, or maybe it was the combination of both. In any cases, it proved that all people had their ups and downs, at least in photos!

Mira Rajput

funny photos
Oh, leave her alone!

Mira Rajput always looks flawless every time she appears. And actually, her beauty still shined in this picture, which makes us kind of envious. But it’s not a rule that all celebs should smile every time someone takes photos of them. So, this photo is not really funny, but a bit awkward, because it’s obvious that Mira was tired of being photographed everywhere.

Richa Chadha

funny photos
"Hello", or "Stop that!"?

This versatile actress has had some weird photos before and this is surely not her weirdest one. But what makes it funny is that Richa looked so comical, that her photo may soon be turned into a meme! We just wonder if Richa was trying to wave hello to the pap, or to tell the pap to stop taking her photos.


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