Fans Wonder If Hrithik Roshan Smokes In Photo With His Sons & Here's His Response

Ankita Chetana |Apr 27, 2020

In a recent photo with sons, Hrithik Roshan was considered as having a cigarette on his hand that the actor replied in a tweet. Deeds inside!

During the lockdown, Sussanne Khan hit the bits with her return to Hrithik Roshan's house. Recently, she posted a video showing him and two sons having a talk in their balcony. Right after that, many fans were happy seeing the family goal of the actor but a fan realized a special spot of the video. See it here:

She expressed her concern about what was held in his hand at that time and commented:

"Does @iHrithik have a cigarette in his hand or am i seeing wrong? I hope you don't @iHrithik. It makes me very very sorry."

When reading this query, Hrithik tweeted:

Hrithik Reply On his Smoking
Source: Twitter

Receiving the response from the amazing superstar, the fan wrote:

"Woooow I can't believe you respond me second time. I am very happy. I know that you are a non smoker but there was other comments about it too and I was so anxious and I wanted to ask for I care & love you a lot. Thanks a lot for your reply. Love you sooooo much."

Another fan also tweeted when the Greek God replied:

"Wowwww , wonderful reply U r real krrishh no matter u can fly or not but u r krrish for ourselves. Thank God u dnt smoke I hate smokers and my favorite cant smoke."

One of his fans also showed her excitement:

"You are an hero nonetheless sir be it reel life or real life @iHrithik sir. I dont think he is holding anything in his hand it is just an illusion."

Earlier, Hrithik Roshan shared a thankful note to Sussanne for moving in and supporting him to look for their children. In recent times, he and his family celebrated his parents' 49th wedding anniversary by singing Happy Anniversary with the piano and wishing them the best. Check out his video below:

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