Anushka Sharma Lost Her Patience With Etimes Photographer Who Invaded Her Privacy

Hanima Anand |Jan 07, 2021

The mom-to-be posted a furious message on her Instagram story to criticize the photographer as well as the publication over the privacy matter. See how Etimes react!

Privacy is always a controversial topic when it comes to celebrity life. However, we believe every individual has his or her own right to protect their private moments. Even when they are famous stars, photos of their daily activities should only be captured if they allow.

Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli
The Bollywood actress is in her last trimester of pregnancy.

Anushka Sharma called out ETimes for privacy invasion

For your information, ETimes is the entertainment news agency of Times Of India. It specializes in reporting news of celebrities in India and in the world. Though Times Of India can be called a giant and a senior in the news industry, scandals are unavoidable.

In her latest Instagram story, Anushka Sharma wrote a furious message to ETimes. She said that although she had requested Etimes as well as the photographer to stop, they continued to invade her privacy. The evidence was the exclusive photo of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma having breakfast at their home in Juhu.

Anushka Sharma Post On Etimes
Anushka Sharma tagged ETimes in her story.

In fact, Times of India, Entertainment news column, uploaded the photo along with an exclusive post over the event. They also confirmed their photographers were the ones who snapped the private moment of the lovebirds.

Screenshot Of Etimes Post On Anushka Sharma
ETimes wrote in their article that the exclusive photos were taken by their photographers.

What’s more, ETimes was much aware of Anushka Sharma’s desire. They stated that the mom-to-be was openly protective of her child and shared that she didn’t want to raise her child in the public eye.

How ETimes reacts

Since Anushka Sharma posted her message, ETimes or Times Of India hasn’t released any statement over the issue. The exclusive post of ETimes still remains live on the website. It seems the news agency doesn’t have the intention to remove the photo or send an apology to the couple.

Screenshot Of Etimes Post On Anushka Sharma 1
The post on ETimes remains publicized.

On social media, as Anushka took it to her story, no comments or reactions could be recorded. However, some other news websites start to spread her message to netizens. Most people strongly criticize ETimes for this unprofessional movement. will update more information related if have. Visit our Bollywood News for daily reports.

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