They Afraid Their Dark Secret Will Be Revealed, said Tanushree Dutta

Author |Oct 03, 2018

On recent Bollywood biggies comment on Tanushree's allegations, Tanushree broke the news with a straight answer

Tanushree last seen on big screen was almost 10 years ago. But recently, the former Miss Indian Universe is making back to back headlines after her accusations against Nana Patekar. The actress alleged the veteran actor of sexual abuse her on the sets of Horn Ok Please in 2008 and now she is demanding for justice.

Since Tanushree Dutta found her courage to speak up, many Bollywood celebrities are also raising her voice and some even stood out and added weight to her claim. On the other hand, other celebs decided to stay out of trouble by giving an evasive response when they were asked about Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar controversy.

Keeping her fight spirit alive, Tanushree expressed her opinion in an interaction with media about Bollywood reaction to her story.

Tanushree Dutta On Bollywood Biggies Maintaining Silence

“I was hurt”

As Tanushree states, she said she lost her confidence with her fellowship those who have been close to her. And for Tanushree, the silence of some Bollywood biggies or their ambiguous statements hurt her feeling.

“Are they afraid their dark secrets will be revealed if they come out”, Tanushree added.

Tanushree Makes Yet Another Explosive Statement

She further added

Furthermore, she mentioned those who remain silent because they have to cover the truth. In her opinion, that the main reason for them not to comment on this sensitive topic. “They wish it go away, but the truth is always there”, she cited.

Also on her statement, Tanushree expressed her appreciation toward people who lent support to her and stand by her side.

Tanushree On Her Work Life After 2008

Tanushree’s life after the incident in 2008

After the incident during the shooting in 2008, Tanushree had decided to draw back from Bollywood spotlight even according to her, she still receives many offers.

Reportedly, she moved to the US two years ago for a quiet life. Another reason contributes to her decision because of the discouragement given by the silent of the Industry on her story. Moreover, those who highly respected by society and powerful in Bollywood choose to stay mum made her lose confidence.

Tanushree Also Talked About Being Slut-shamed

Tanushree Dutta on negative comments on her

“There are negative reactions from women who may face the same issue like me, it hurt my feeling”, she confessed.

Along with #metoo moment spreading all over the world, Tanushree thinks that women should not accept sexual harassment as part of their life. Instead of denying what happened, women should break down the path and speak up for justice.

Tanushree Says Negative Reaction From Women Hurt Her A Lot!

Bollywood divided on Tanushree’s controversy

Meanwhile, Bollywood has divided into two different opinions when it comes to Tanushree sexual harassment against veteran actor Nana Patekar.

Ayushmann Khurranna in an interview once again contributes to number of Tanushree's supporter. According to him, the underline issue is not she brought her matter to light after 10 years but “Whatever was wrong was wrong and there’s no time limit for this”.

She Further Added...


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