Bollywood's Most Controversial Tweet: Anushka Sharma Got The Wrong Name Of The Late President APJ Abdul Kalam

Rose Advani |Oct 29, 2019

Anuska Sharma posted a Tweet to show her regret of losing the president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. However, she got his wrong name not once but twice.

All Indians mourned the death of the respect late president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The inspirational president passed away on July 27 after suffering a cardiac arrest while he had a lecture to business management graduate students in Shillong.

President APJ Abdul Kalam was a true inspiration for many generations of Indians
President APJ Abdul Kalam was a true inspiration for many generations of Indians

Many celebrities had shown their regret of losing the respectful president on their social networks. And there was no exception with the young and talented Anushka Sharma.

Bollywood's Most Controversial Tweet: Anuska Sharma
Anushka Sharma is one of the highest-paid actresses in Bollywood

As soon as hearing the death of the president Kalam, the actress posted a tweet to express her mourning to president APJ Abdul Kalam with the mourned words. However, the Tweet immediately got the attraction of netizens because Anushka got the wrong spelling name of the respect man; even not once but twice.

And the Tweet became one of the list of Bollywood's most controversial Tweet.

The actress firstly posted a tweet with the wrong name of the president, which might cause by her emotional feeling or less knowledge. She wrote "ABJ", must be "APJ".

Bollywood's Most Controversial Tweet

After realized her fault, Anuska deleted the previous Tweet; however, the 27-year-old actress once again made a mistake at the name of the respected president:

Bollywood's Most Controversial Tweet

Until the third time of editing, the actress made the right post with his exact name:

These Tweets of Anushka Sharma got a lot of black responses from the tweeteratis. Some severe reaction criticizes that a Bollywood star must not make a mistake like that, which proved less of knowledge and somehow expressing the disrespect of Anushka Sharma to the late president.

Lots of comments criticized the Tweet. They showed the depression after each time of her editing and hope that she would not delete or change the Tweet anytime. Someone congratulated for her lat time right and said something around the Bollywood standard.

Bollywood's Most Controversial Tweet: Anushka Sharma

Later, the actress faced with her "honest mistakes" and explained that: "It was an honest mistake. My intention...My feelings can't be misconstrued. But I know with what intention I was writing,"

When the respectful president APJ Abdul Kalam passed away on 27 July, many celebrities also showed her regret on social media as Amitabh Bachchan, Sharukh Khan, and Salman Khan.

The Legendary Amitabh Bachchan posted a post with lots of hints that show the special motion to the president:

Bollywood superstar Sharukh Khan showed his respect to Gurdaspur terrorist attack and he tweeted:

And the Bharat actor Salman Khan also posted a Tweet to show his respect to President Kalam, who was a true inspiration for many generations of Indians.

Anushka Sharma admitted her Tweet was "honest mistake" happened when "My intention...My feelings can't be misconstrued", and the respect to the late President Kalam was in her heart and mind. Hence, some netizens criticized that she was lack of disrespect to President Abdul Kalam seemed too rude.

Bollywood's Most Controversial Tweet: Anushka Sharma

However, this Bollywood's most controversial Tweet of Anushka also gives other stars a lesson in considering any action and word they are gonna posting on their social networks.


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