Compilation Of The Times Bollywood Stars Were Left Open-Mouthed On "Koffee With Karan"

Harshini |Oct 04, 2019

Koffee with Karan had some celebs shocked and speechless on the show with certain statements and revelations. Take a moment to find out who.

When it comes to the place that represents gossiping and newly ignited dramas in Bollywood, Koffee with Karan is definitely the first to pop up in an audience’s mind. Becoming one of the top entertainment talk shows, Koffee has witnessed B-town stars making quite a lot of interesting statements as well as surprising confessions.

Karan Johar, the show’s host always assures to impress the audience with the pairings and the trademark rapid-fire session that everyone is anticipated to watch.


There have been a number of times where the celebrities were taken off guard by Karan’s certain revelations on his show.

For example, actress Sara Ali Khan got astonished on learning that her little brother Taimur’s pictures get the top rate card in the B-town, Vicky Kaushal was all bewildered to hear of an intriguing statement about him made by Bharat actor Katrina Kaif.

Let’s take a moment back on how these famous people were made surprised and speechless at the show Koffee with Karan.

Saif Ali Khan

Saif 1

Saif was nonplused to know that Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar never thought that Kangana Ranaut would be successful as an actor.

Kartik Aaryan

Kartik was stroke with wonder upon learning that Sara Ali Khan admitted having a crush on and aspiring to hang out with him on the national TV.


Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal got all surprised to learn that Katrina Kaif once said that the actress thinks she and Vicky would look very good together. The actor nearly fainted upon hearing about it.


Akshay Kumar

The episode where presented Akshay Kumar along with Twinkle Khanna is indeed one of the most interesting parts of the talk show until now.


Karan spilt the beans that Twinkle made him run away from his boarding school when the two were still kids. It staggered Akshay Kumar’s belief that his wifey used to make an 11-year old boy flee from boarding school.

Sara Ali Khan

The Kedarnath was flabbergasted when Karan Johar revealed that her half brother Taimur Ali Khan is the top-rated celeb, considered by paparazzi.


Karan Johar


In this case, the host was the one who was made all agog instead. He was seen in complete shock after hearing Ayshmann Khurrana shared that he, in fact, donated sperms like his character in Vicky Donor.

Shahid Kapoor


The Kabir Singh star was left open-mouthed when Arjun Kapoor said that Ishaan Khatter always buzzes around actress Janhvi Kapoor. Shahid Kapoor then quickly replied by stating that his brother buzzed around many people.


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