Back In Time To The Love Story Of Kartik Aaryan & Sara Ali Khan To See How Beautiful It Is

Nalini Suri |Jul 31, 2019

The brewing love story of Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan has been the talk of the town for a long while. Let’s go through their love story’s milestones to enjoy each blossom opening up!

The youngest couple of Bollywood Kartik Aaryan - Sara Ali Khan reveals their sweet love story as a memorable timeline that nobody can miss it. Throughout the time, even many ups and downs have come as the much-needed challenges, now they stay in pairs for the cherished blossoms.

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

The duo’s love is witnessed under their friends’ eyes to prove that they are happy in true love. The below timeline like a reminder to all of us about how Kartik Aaryan - Sara Ali Khan built their base on love.

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

Sara Confessed To Crush Kartik

It is likely that we still remember the date of November 18th, 2018 on Karan Johar’s popular chat show Koffee With Karan, Sara revealed: “I want to date Kartik Aaryan.” Replying to the sweet confession, the actor said in blush that:


Sara confess to Kartik

Since that time, the two’s names had covered many headlines on newspapers and their relationship rumor has gone out naturally. Those days, the couple sank deeply into their fans’ comments and supports to build true love.

The first step on the couple’s universe

Coming out of expressions, both Kartik and Sara had been besieged by paparazzi and reporters around their status to each other. In response to the media’s question on the reason Sara didn’t text Kartik directly, the young actress claimed that she did state enough and her mother also kept her waiting for Kartik’s reply.

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

On the other hand, finally, Kartik informed to be ready to date Sara and just waited for her message of where and when to start their dating. This is a milestone to mark their first step on the heaven of love.

Ranveer Singh appeared as Cupid

Bollywood's favorite romantic boy Ranveer Singh is the one to decide Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan meet up and mediate.

Some days after Sara’s confession, the duo seemed to be a little awkward that the actress’s co-star in Simmba played as the Cupid mating them. The Cupid plastered a mischievous beam and told them “Glad, you guys have met.”

Woes from Sara’s mother

As her daughter confessed candidly on a show, Amrita Singh was upset for Sara’s link-up rumor with Kartik and became a hot topic due to that. It came to that Amrita requested her daughter to hide any dialogues involving Kartik.

 kartik aaryan-sara ali khan Amrita singh

A report at that time revealed that Sara wasn’t likely to listen to her mother and went on wandering and snapping photos with her crush. Opposite to Amrita, her father Saif Ali Khan seemed to uphold everything she did.

The two’s first combination on-screen

The pairing up wouldn’t be successful if there weren’t any materializations to build their relationship through some altogether work. Director Imtiaz Ali understood that and picked them for the lead roles in his sequel to the hit Love Aaj Kal which had featured Sara’s father and actress Deepika Padukone.

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan romance in film

Love Aaj Kal 2 was the first film to see the pair’s cooperation and their blast chemistry, which would draw other filmmakers’ attention.

Head out to date

Post the rumor time, their fans’ dream came true when the couple finally shared their romantic date while filming Love Aaj Kal 2. They enjoyed dinner at a hotel in Delhi and took pictures together and with some fans. Their sweet moments were a Bollywood heartthrob and pushed everybody with eagerness to see them more.

Kartik Sara Fan 1

Kartik Sara Fan 2

Controversial love triangle

Everything would evolve perfectly if Kartik and Ananya Panday’s picture didn’t diverse around. The shutterbugs in the city took two actors’ photos and reported that they had finished a dinner dating out when leaving from the same car.

kartik aaryan and ananya panday

The report also stated that Kartik had worked on a close connection to Ananya and both of them were spotted to spend time with each other. When being asked about it, Ananya claimed that the actor is a good friend to her and she loved sharing moments with him also.

Kartik Aaryan Ananya Panday

After that, however, Kartik unveiled that they just joined a dinner out and denied all such things about himself. The love triangle between Ananya, Kartik, and Sara reached the eye of any newspapers at that time.

Love set to the air

In addition to Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan’s on-screen romance, the two’s photos continued to excite their fans by on-location buzz of romance. The couple shooting for Delhi schedule celebrated its wrapping with the film’s crew and their beloved snaps went viral on social networks.

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

In the pictures, both of them seemed like they had accommodated their local life completely well. On several picturesque locations, they enjoyed their looks and sharing moments together.

Pack emotionally

Completing Imtiaz Ali’s directorial, Kartik posted a sweet note alongside his photos with Sara saying that:


Replying to his sweetness, the 24-year-old actress paid with lovable words when expressing that she will miss him and cherish all the time they had been together.

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

Boosting love by hide and seek

Though both Kartik and Sara haven’t come out with their relationship status, it was easy to grab their spotting alongside each other in the city. But the most significant point was that after finishing the in day's shoot, the duo was seen leaving together. In the back seat line of Sara’s car, we could see they play around, holding hands, laughing together and whatever else.

Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan

When approaching the couple to photograph, the shutterbugs found them burst into laughter and immediately, Sara covered her face with both hands while Kartik seemed to stay calm.

Airport affairs wing the blossom

Their love story continues to achieve lots of momentum passing the time. After the hide and seek scenes came out, they rushed into the headlines for their images at the airport.

 kartik aaryan-sara ali khan at airport

On July 11th this year, Sara flew back to the city after her holidays in London alongside her mother and brother. And what made the point was Kartik’s appearance to pick his ‘princess’ up. Not long later, on the date he left for his upcoming project Pati, Patni Aur Woh in Lucknow, Sara paid his heart by seeing him off at the airport.

kartik aaryan-sara ali khan at airport

A protective gesture as a boyfriend

Recently, the couple was snapped holding hands and enjoyed some downtime together in Lucknow. In fact, not many people know the truth behind that several fans broke their quiet atmosphere to glance at their actors. The point catching everybody’s eyes was Kartik’s protective action as a beau when reaching his arms around the actress and led her through the crowd.

Sometime after Kartik’s launching to Lucknow, Sara also flew there to be with him. As an impeccable host of the area, the Pati, Patni Aur Woh star took his love around the dinner tour of dating in the city.

Kartik Aaryan - Sara Ali Khan has stolen their fans’ spring breeze throughout many ups and downs in their love story. How much they love each other, is how much we expect the true romance surrounding them.


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