Arjun Kapoor Wears The Same Outfit With Malaika Arora Asking “Who Wore It Better?”

Nalini Suri |Jul 05, 2019

Arjun Kapoor posted a snap with the same pose and outfit with Malaika’s earlier post and asked fans if who looked better. See the pics below!

Actor Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are enjoying their holidays in New York and recently shared the same pose in which the two wore the same cap and neon outfit.

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor

On posting the snap similar to Malaika’s latest photo on Instagram, Arjun Kapoor wrote:


In the photo, we see Arjun in a sportive neon sweatshirt and a New York city logo-stick cap. The cap is similar to the one Malaika wore before and posted on her own Instagram. In her photo, interestingly, she also dressed a neon outfit. That is why Arjun made a funny question that who wore the neon outfit better.

Both of them have shared videos and photos from the Big Apple as they traveled to New York to make Arjun’s 34th birthday celebration. In recent times, Malaika posted and tagged Arjun Kapoor on it in an Instagram story:


malaika arora arjun kapoor

On the birthday of her ‘right lover’ on June 26th, Malaika took to Instagram in which she shared a photo showing their love. Beneath the photo of the couple holding hands together, she wrote:


Arjun kapoor, malaika arora

Besides her beloved relationship, Malaika is putting holiday goals to her fans by experiencing the vacation moments. On Wednesday, she left her followers dribbling through her snaps in which she is sported to dress up a tee paired in white mixed with a shrug and sunglasses in heart shape, putting the caption: “Hey wat u lookin at ???”

Malaika Arora

We can deny that both Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora looked nice in the neon outfit as they shared the sweet moments together.


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