Is Archana Puran Singh Net Worth The Top Among Famous Indian TV Presenters? More Deets Inside!

Salena Harshini |Dec 11, 2020

Archana Puran Singh, who had to hide her marriage for four years from the public and her family, has become one of the most influential TV personalities in India. Here is everything about her net worth, lifestyle, salary, and married life.

Archana Puran Singh is famous as one of the most seasoned movie actress and television presenter of India. Making a mark for herself with iconic comedy roles in Bollywood films as well as working the judge of renowned comedy shows including The Kapil Sharma Show, she definitely has come a long way and has an estimable career and property. Curious about how much she makes? Our article will reveal Archana Puran Singh net worth as well as interesting facts on her house and others.

Archana Puran Singh
Archana Puran Singh is one of the most successful TV personalities of India

Archana Puran Singh net worth

The Kapil Sharma Show is among the most popular TV shows in India and apart from Kamil, the whole cast also has a huge fan base of their own. With such fame, it is without a doubt that all of them charges a huge sum for their work.

Archana Puran Singh 3
Archana Puran Singh has worked in the industry since the early 1990s

Archana Puran Singh who is the permanent judge on The Kapil Sharma Show 2 has been working for decades in town. The Kapil Sharma show is not the only trademark show of the actress as she is also part of Comedy Circus as a judge. She has been working for it since 2006 and is the sole judge to make an appearance in spite of all severe oppositions and odds.

According to reports, Archana Puran Singh net worth 2020 is estimated to be $29 million which is Rs 2.9 crores if one is curious about Archana Puran Singh net worth 2020 in rupees.

Archana Puran Singh 1
And she now has a mammoth career that everyone looks up to

What helps her have such a flabbergasting asset? See her salary detail below.

Archana Puran Singh per episode salary

The popular TV personality, presenter, film actress is known for her diligent work. She even bagged the 1999 Star Screen Award for Best Comedian after starring in the Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan hit film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Archana Puran Singh 5
Her salary, especially for each episode of The Kapil Sharma Show 2, is an amazing figure

For those uninitiated, Archana Puran Singh replaced Navjot Singh Sidhu on The Kapil Sharma Show and reports were rife that Archana Puran Singh per episode salary is Rs 10 lakhs.

In one of the eps, she talked about the gender salary gap and said that she would want to become Navjot Singh Sidhu if she had the shape-shifting snake’s power. The reason was unveiled by Archana herself that Navjot can take home the salary which is double that of hers.

Archana The Kapil Sharma Show
Archana Puran Singh bungalow is also pretty impressive, see more below!

It was also rumored that she is paid Rs 2 crores for the whole season. But considering the fact that Navjot was paid Rs 25 crores each season, Archana Puran Singh net worth is still not as striking, yet. The net worth of Archana Puran Singh will totally arise in the future.

Archana Puran Singh house

Archana Puran Singh is that one celebrity who kept all of us entertained amid the lockdown. The esteemed judge and actress has been super active in her Instagram while sharing fun videos and pictures including her family, her house help, and of course, Archana Puran Singh bungalow.

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The interior of Archana Puran Singh house is modern and fresh

As Archana Puran Singh net worth is an impressive number, it is common knowledge that her house will also blow you away. Archana Puran Singh and her husband Parmeet Singh proudly own a ravishing bungalow in Madh Island, Mumbai. She has been giving fans quite a lot of virtual sneak peeks into their stunning house.

Screenshot 12
Parmeet Sethi in a post of his wife and Archana Puran Singh husband net worth is also a striking number

Archana Puran Singh husband net worth is estimated to be around $5 million which is quite equally massive as hers and with their combined number, they have had a no-less-than-resort house. It is beautifully done from the big and lavish entrance to the big chandeliers and modern interiors. It also has a large and greenery garden.

Archana Puran Singh husband

The TV anchor has a mammoth career and an enviably happy marriage. Her love story with Parmeet Singh also had a new detail revealed to the public and it has been making headlines these days.

Archana Parmeet 2
Archana Puran Singh net worth is enviable and so is her marriage life

In the newest ep of The Kapil Sharma Show, she unveiled that they hid their nuptials from everybody for four years. In detail, she told Neha Kakkar, Kapil, Rohanpreet that his parents were objected to her aspiration to be an actress and they also disagreed on Archana and Parmeet getting married. However, Archana herself said that no one could change Parmeet’s desire to get hitched to her.

She shared that the day Parmeet’s parents went against their will, he decided that he would definitely marry her. The two went to a priest and asked him whether the bride was "balik" to which he replied that she was in the car and Archana was more "balik" than him.

Archana Husbamd
The two is an adored couple of the town

Archana Puran Singh shared that he asked them to come on the next day. It was revealed that she was filming for Saif Ali Khan’s debut movie and as they were secretly and officially getting hitched, she even received a call from the hairdresser.

Archana Puran Singh managed to hide their marriage for a whole four years and she is happy that at that time, there were no social media, and that helped her get away with it. And to our knowledge, she actually got married twice and Archana Puran Singh first marriage and husband's name still remain a mystery to many.

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