Anushka Sharma Talks About Nepotism: “It’s Not The Fault Of Star Kids”

Priyansh Ha |Oct 04, 2018

Anushka Sharma made her first debut film in 2008 with an outstanding role in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (starring Shah Rukh Khan). During exactly a decade in her career, Anushka Sharma always feels thankful and satisfied with what she has been given.

Anushka Sharma made her first debut in 2008 with the outstanding role in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (starring Shah Rukh Khan). During a decade in the film industry, Anushka Sharma always feels thankful and satisfies with what she has achieved so far.

Replying in an interview lately, the actress expressed her gratitude to all the films that she has joined, the lucky chances she had been given and especially the love and supports from others.

When being asked about her opinions on nepotism - a controversial issue in Bollywood, Anushka denied giving her comments. However, as an outsider who won triumph in film industry, her name is frequently mentioned when it comes to nepotism. Along with Anushka, there are other stars who started as outsiders such as Sidharth Malhotra, Deepika Padukone or Rajkummar Rao. These talented actors and actress are great examples of successfully standing on their own feet.

Anushka told that she has been asking about this topic over and over again. “People keeps talking about nepotism everywhere. I think we’ve got enough of this. It will be better if they can discuss other important issues. I will not join the debate.”, said the actress.

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The Debate Will Lead To Nowhere

Anushka lately has worked with star kid Varun Dhawan - David Dhawan’s son. With the experience of working with both star kids and outsiders, she wrapped up the debate around nepotism as:

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Growing Up As An Artist

Anushka also talked about how did she “grown up” in the first decade of her chequered career. “As a person, we have to grow up and being an actress is the same. It was lucky for me to experience with many roles in the different type of films from Band Baaja Baaraat to Sultan and Pari. If you want to get evolved, you have to strike the balance from various types of film and keep reinventing all over. As a result, your role in the next film will be different and even better than the former.


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