Anushka Sharma Turns 32; Shares Her Birthday Wish

Mohnish Singh |May 01, 2020

Anushka Sharma, one of the leading actresses in Hindi cinema, turns a year older on 1st May 2020. On her social media account, the actress shares her birthday wish.

Anushka Sharma, one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood, is celebrating her 32nd birthday today. Since the entire country is under the Coronavirus lockdown, the actress is spending her special day at home with husband Virat Kohli. She took to her Instagram account and shared her birthday wishes, which include ending of the suffering and gloominess that has taken over the world amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma was last seen in Zero

Sharing her birthday wish, Anushka Sharma wrote that she wishes today that sadness dwindles and the suffering ends. She added that she knows that it may not all go away, it does have its own part to play, and the role it dawns comes at a price. With tears and screams and even stifled cries.

The actress continued and wished that suffering ends, sadness and suffering have been friends. Suffering is the second act. They play on the same life stage. Making you tumble, slip and fall. But after that comes your rise, and rise you will and be so wise. She said that she wishes for all this to end.

Anushka Sharma also recollected her father’s saying that kept her going forward in life successfully. She said that perseverance comes naturally to her. It is not something that one has to be hard on oneself for, it leads one. Honestly, life leads a person and she can vouch for it! Life has led her to where she is. Sometimes, one just puts one’s head down and follows the road life takes one on,” she told a newswire.

She further said that she went to Army Public School in Bangalore, and she had had some really good teachers there, and she was very close to them, and they have had a very lasting impression in her mind and her principal also. But her dad taught her some invaluable lessons.


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