Anushka Sharma Hilarious Moment Creates Internet Frenzy

Mina Muzumdar |Sep 12, 2018

‘Sui Dhaga’ film has not launched its promotion campaign yet but the lead actress Anushka Sharma has already created all the buzz over Internet.

A few days ago, Sui Dhaaga: Made in India released an official trailer with Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma and actor Varun Dhawan in the lead role. Although ‘Sui Dhaga’ film has not launched its promotion campaign, actress Anushka Sharma’s hilarious moment has already created all the buzz over the Internet.

As in the moment, the actress was half smiling-crying face with a rising arm. Yet, the tears of joy photo seem suitable for any situation. And Twitterati got inspired from this to creates funny memes which could make anyone burst out laughing. And here is the hilarious memes.

Anushka Meme
Mom's reaction after I cleared 12th exam on my 5th attempt

Me Travelling To Work On A Weekend
Me traveling to work on a weekend

Meme 6
This is exactly crying in happiness

Meme When Your Crush Says She Love You But As A Fr
When your crush says she loves you but as a friend

Meme 3
This exactly me at my wedding

Meme 4

Meme 2

Screenshot 4

According to sources, Sui Dhaaga is a heartwarming story center a married couple who struggles in life with a load of financial burden. However, Anushka and her on-screen husband Mauji got a brilliant business idea. Talking a brief of the movie, producer Maneesh Sharma said:


Additionally, the comedy-drama directed by Sharat Katariya and produced by Maneesh Sharma. Moreover, Sui Dhaaga: Made in Indian first trailer has had more than 23 million views in the first week.

Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan’s upcoming film is coming soon in the theatres on September 28, 2018.


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