Anushka Sharma Expresses Her Rage On Brutal Jamshedpur Rape Case, Wants Justice For 3-Year-Old Girl

Mina Muzumdar |Aug 02, 2019

After news about the horrifying rape case in Jamshedpur that took a life of a 3-year-old child spread over the media, Anushka Sharma spoke up to demand justice for the baby girl.

A horrifying kidnapped, raped case in Jamshedpur is sparking outrage throughout the country. In detail, a 3-year-old daughter was kidnapped and raped by a group of guys when she was sleeping beside her mother at a train station.

Moreover, after performing inhuman acts of crime, they beheaded the little girl. As the entire country is enraged over the case, Anushka Sharma was among the first Bollywood celebrities took to her social media to demand the right punishment for the perpetrators. 

Anushka Saree

Not only expressing her feeling, but the Zero star also said this horrifying case deserves the severest punishment.


Anushka Sharma wrote.

Anuska Smile

According to reports, CCTV at the railway station recorded images of three suspects, therefore, helped the police identified them quickly. The authorities also took immediate action after the mother of the three-year-old girl reported to them the incident. The brutal crime reminds people of the Unnao rape case in which the survivor still live up to ventilator until this moment.


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