Who Is Anuja Joshi? Read Details Of The Sexy Actress And Ankur Rathee Fiancé!

Hanima Anand |Jul 23, 2020

After Ankur Rathee announced his engagement with Anuja Joshi, many people have searched for this beautiful actress. See list of her movies, web series and hot photos here!

Ankur Rathee, the actor in Thappad and Four More Shots Please series, just announced his engagement to Anuja Joshi yesterday. Immediately people rush to search about this beautiful woman. It turns out she is also a familiar actress in several movies and web series, too.

In this post, Starbiz.com updates Anuja Joshi biography information and Anuja Joshi movies list for your reference.

Anuja Joshi age

Anushi Joshi is 26 years old. She will welcome her 27th birthday on this August 19. The actress was born in 1993 in Virgina, United States.

Anuja Boma Joshi studied New York University Tisch before coming to India for her career. This girl loves traveling and singing as she once shared with the press. Her idol actors are Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, who broke 2019 box office collection records with the movie War.

Anuja Joshi family (parents, twin sister & brother)

Anuja Joshi is the daughter of Indian actor Alankar Joshi and Namita Joshi. She has a younger brother named Aashay Joshi and a twin sister Aneesha Joshi.

Alankar Joshi is often known as Master Alankar by the Indian audience.

Anuja Joshi’s father was very active in the Bollywood industry during the 1970s and 1980s. He had appeared in many movies at that time such as Sita Aur Geeta, Andaz, Dream Girl, and especially Deewaar in which he played the role of young Amitabh Bachchan.

Anuja Joshi and Aneesha Joshi
Anuja has an identical twin sister who is also an actress, Aneesha Joshi.

Anuja Joshi movies - Anuja Joshi web series

Anuja has joined many TV commercials for such brands as Wild Stone Perfume and Vadilal Ice Cream before stepping into the professional film industry.

Anuja Joshi is most known for her role of Rivanah Bannerjee in the 2019 web series Hello Mini. The series was marked 18 plus for its steamy scenes, partly thanks to Anuja Joshi’s hot body.

Anuja Joshi 3
The US-born actress shows a dynamic vibe of typical young girls.

Due to this, many people often search for Anuja Joshi Hello Mini without knowing she is the girlfriend of Ankur Rathee.

Anuja Joshi 4
Sometimes Anuja Joshi follows the sexy charming style.

The Ankur Rathee’s fiancé also got another role as Debbie in a web series named Broken But Beautiful last year. The ALTBalaji series was in its season 2 when Anuja joined.

Anuja Joshi hasn’t starred in any movie yet, but we guess she will soon have her debut with the support of her longtime boyfriend, whom she is getting married to.

Anuja Joshi husband to be

As we mentioned earlier, Anuja Joshi is the long-time girlfriend of the Thappad actor. She will become Ankur Rathee wife in no time after he proposed to her on July 19 and she said yes.

Anuja Joshi 7
Anuja posted a photo of Ankur Rathee giving his proposal on her Instagram account.

About the Anuja Joshi husband to be, Ankur Rathee was born in March, 1991 in India. He studied Princeton University in the USA and also USC School of Cinematic Arts in this country.

Ankur first rose to stardom as a dancer who performed professional styles at a very young age. He found his passion in acting during his teenage and became a faculty member at Steps on Broadway.

Ankur Rathee has participated in a number of cinema projects, including The Tashkent Files and Made in Heaven in 2019. This year, people know more about his name through the movie Thappad with Taapsee Pannu.

Also, the future Anuja's husband also leaves good impressions on the Indian audience with his role in the 2019 web series Four More Shots Please.

Anuja Joshi 5
The bright and fresh beauty of Anuja Joshi

Back to our main topic today, Anuja Joshi's Instagram has gained over 108K followers. The actress often posts daily updates on her social account, following natural style with light makeup.

Anuja Joshi is getting more fans for her youthful but no less sexy beauty. If you follow this actress's Instagram, you will sometimes get an eye treat for her bikini pictures.

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