After Facing Heat On "Housefull 4", Akshay Kumar Finally Speaks Up

Imran Asif Fazal |Oct 28, 2019

Akshay Kumar praised Sajid Nadiadwala for putting an extra effort during process of the film.

Housefull 4 has been receiving mixed reactions since its festive release. Netizens have been trolling Akshay Kumar for bringing up poor film after back to back hits. While many have praised Housefull 4 team for their innovation and acting skills.

Housefull 4 trending on social media platforms since its release and has made people talking about the film. After the release, Akshay Kumar finally spoke about the film and his take on it.

Bala Bala Housefull 4

Talking about the film, Akshay Kumar said, "Well you all know, it’s my very first time where I am entering a period set up, so the scale of what we are doing is bigger than what I have ever encountered in my career, especially in a comedy. The drama is as much fun as the comedy and the action is as funny as the drama. It’s a complete all-round enthusiastic movie of madness, nothing serious though. We just want you to sit back and enjoy what is about to unfold, and in the process experience our joy for this film."


He further praised Sajid Nadiadwala for the film and said, "My friend, the incredible filmmaker Mr. Sajid Nadiadwala, has gone to lengths that I have never seen before, which has made us all want to give our 200% more. When I walked on to some of the sets, I was completely mesmerized. The artwork and attention to detail is just out of this world. He may be one of my oldest dearest friends, but I am so proud of the dedication and conviction with how he has conducted this film and his faith in his vision & his artists. He deserves so much credit for making something like this to such huge extent."

Housefull 4

He also spoke about the way he celebrates his success after every film, Akshay Kumar, said, "Never! My idea of a celebration is to whisk my family away on holiday and pamper them for all their patience and support. Like I said, never stop giving, be it your time, effort, money or expertise, for God has given me so much. I cannot waste a second celebrating me. There’s nothing in a bottle that’s going to make me feel more alive than ever."


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