Aakanksha Singh Exclusive Interview: “I Hope “Pailwaan” Does Well And I Don’t Get Any Chance To Sit Free”

Mohnish Singh |Aug 31, 2019

Aakanksha Singh, who made a successful transition from television to films, is looking forward to the release of her much-talked-about film Pailwaan, co-starring Kichcha Sudeep and Suniel Shetty.

Aakanksha Singh got her start on television in 2012, and there has been no looking back ever since. She went on to impress audiences with her performances in such shows as Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha and Gulmohar Grand and became a household name.

After gaining a foothold in the television industry, Aakanksha Singh made a move to films. After essaying a supporting role in Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt’s Badrinath Ki Dulhania (2017), the actress debuted as the female lead with Telugu movie Malli Raava (2017), which won her a nomination for the SIIMA Best Debutant Actress.

Aakanksha Singh
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After doing television and starring in two Telugu films, Aakanksha Singh is now making her Kannada debut with much-talked-about film Pailwaan, co-starring Kannada superstar Kichcha Sudeep and Suniel Shetty.

Recently, STARBIZ correspondent Mohnish Singh met Aakanksha Singh and tried to know from her more about the sports film, her character in it and how has been her journey in showbiz. Excerpts...

Brief us about your character in Pailwaan?

My character’s name is Rukmini, and it is a very important character in the film. She is one of the turning points in the movie. Pailwaan has two shades. It is strong enough and, at the same time, emotional enough.

The first half of the film is totally different than the second half and so is this character which I play. I think the whole transition from the first half to the second half in something where you will see the change and the changeover. That was really an intriguing part of the film.

How did you bag the film?

I got a call directly from the producer. He explained to me the character. At that time, I did not take him seriously, thinking why a producer would call me. I kept the phone. But then again I got a call from the team. Then I thought, “Okay, it is serious”. I went to Bangalore and gave an audition. That’s how things fell into place.

Aakanksha Singh
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How was it to share the screen space with acting greats like Kichcha Sudeep and Suniel Shetty?

It has been an amazing experience. If I talk about the acting experience, I have learnt a lot from both of them. Otherwise, also, the experience was very nice. They are such big, huge superstars. But on the sets, they were just my co-actors. I really enjoyed. The feeling of working with them was really amazing.

The film is releasing in different languages. Did that pose any challenge for you as an actress?

No, when we started shooting for Pailwaan, we just knew that it was a Kannada film. Later on, we decided that we will release it in other languages also, including Hindi. So the conscious decision came much later. Initially, we were shooting in Kannada only and we had shot the whole film in Kannada.

Did you face any problem while dubbing in other languages?

I have just dubbed in Hindi. In other languages, someone else has dubbed for me. Though I would love to dub for my films, the language is different and you cannot just go and dub like that. So I had learned Kannada for dialogues and lip-sync, etc. But dubbing has been done by someone else. I have dubbed only in Hindi.

Don’t you feel that when an actor dubs for his or her character on his own, it gives a different feel to the character as well as the entire film?

Yes, it’s true. It happens with me all the time whenever I am doing a South film. Till now, I have not dubbed for any of my South film. Though, I have sung a song in my debut film in Telugu. But now I am doing a South film in Tamil and Telugu and I am thinking to dub for it. In Pailwaan, I have dubbed in Hindi and I will be happy watching myself in Hindi and with my voice on my face.

Aakanksha Singh
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Would you like to sing songs in Bollywood as well?

If I am given an opportunity, then why not! I would love to.

Before entering showbiz, you were a physiotherapist. How did the transition happen for you?

I was doing theatre; the acting was always there in me. My mom is from theatre; my sister is also from theatre. So it was already there in me, in my blood. While doing theatre, I was very happy. But one fine day, I got a call for a show. I gave the audition then and there in Jaipur. They liked my audition and asked me to shift to Mumbai for that particular character. This is how my journey started. But I did not quit my studies. I completed my studies. Now I am officially a physiotherapist; I have a degree.

You got your start on television before moving to films. What kind of difference do you find in both the industries?

The difference is vast. There is huge difference in terms of shooting pattern, timing and content. So there is a huge difference. Both are different mediums.

Would you love to go back to television if some interesting opportunity knocks on your door?

I am not away from the television. If I am given an opportunity to work on a good character, I will lap it up. I am someone who would like to do different characters. If I am shooting for two different things in a month, I always want them to be different characters. Yes, of course, I would like to do television if something good happens.

But at the same time, I do hope that after Pailwaan, I do not get any chance to do television (smiles). I hope the film does well and keeps me busy and I do not get any chance to sit free. Television wants your commitment for a longer period of time. But if I am doing films, then why not films?

Are you open to the web-space?

Yes, I am looking forward to it because web shows are doing really well. There is great content that people are writing. There are web shows which I really enjoyed watching. I wanted to be a part of one or two shows.

Do you find any difference between Bollywood and the South Indian film industry?

I think the only difference is just the language. Shot taking is also different, but that depends on the director and the team. The only difference that I felt between the South Indian film industry and Bollywood is sound. There, you will have to dub the whole film, whereas here in Bollywood, we dub only for something which is lacking. That is the only difference I feel, and also the language.

Pailwaan is set to enter theatres on 12th September, 2019.


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