5-Feet Height Actress In Bollywood List: They May Be Petite But Their Influence Is Unrivaled

Salena Harshini |Dec 30, 2020

Height has no direct correlation with talent and these actresses are the living examples for the statement.

Having a striking figure and a beautiful face is one of the factors for an individual to become a celebrity. Meanwhile, not every Bollywood star is lofty as the audience expects them to be yet they can still steal hearts with their talents and charisma. Check out the 5 feet height actress in Bollywood list below!

5 Feet
See out list of 10 Bollywood actress with 5 feet height!

You may be shocked to see the names of these stars as they don’t always look short. Moreover, they have this adorable girl-next-door look but can still pull off a sexy quotient anytime they need.

1. Konkona Sen Sharma - 5′ 1″ feet

The Bengali actress with big dove eyes proves that height is not correlated with talent. Konkona has brought about some of the finest performances in her films.

Konkona Sen Sharma
Konkona Sen Sharma is the smallest with only 5 feet 1 in height

She is also one of the most talented starlets in Bollywood.

2. Alia Bhatt - 5′ 2″ feet

Alia Bhatt is yet another 5 feet height actress in Bollywood list who has an immense level of fame.

Although she falls short when not wearing heels, the actress has been on the way to reach her career heights. The daughter of Mahesh Bhatt has an enviable career with successful projects like Gully Boy, Student of The Year 2, among others.

Alia Bhatt tops second in the list

Meanwhile, it is likely that we are going to hear wedding bells from the small lady in 2021. Alia and Ranbir are among the Bollywood couples who might get married in 2021.

3. Rani Mukerji - 5′ 3″ feet

Rani Mukerji never aspired to be an actress although her family has an acting background. However, it is the fate that her debut venture just fell into her lap.

Rani Mukerji is also among the "pocket-sized" actresses

The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actress just took her chance and swept B-town off their feet with her prowess. As one of the 5 feet height actress in Bollywood list, Rani Mukerji may be small but her position in the industry is way above others.

4. Kajol Devgan - 5′ 3″ feet

Kajol is only 5 feet 3 in height but it is not the thing that people think of when her name comes up somewhere. The reason for this is how that actress handles herself on the screen.

Kajol Devgan
Kajol has a successful career and a happy married life

Her intense eyes, exquisite beauty and how versatile she gets in movies claim her the title of acting queen.

The Tanhaji actress is also enjoying a happy private life with her husband Ajay Devgn and their beautiful children Yug and Nysa Devgn.

5. Madhuri Dixit - 5′ 4″ feet

Madhuri Dixit mesmerizes all the movie lovers from in and out of India with her beauty. With her youthful look regardless of time, she strikes as one of the top charmers of the town.

It may be a shock to some that she is only a bit over 5 feet tall.

Madhuri Dixit is among the smartest and beautiful actresses of Bollywood

Overall, she still enjoys a huge number of fans even after she wedded and went lowkey. As she came back to the screen, she again brought the magic back to the cinema with utter charm.

She may look like an entry in the list of top tallest actresses in Bollywood, but the fact is quite in reverse. She is also one of the smartest beauty of Bollywood.

6. Vidya Balan - 5′ 4″ feet

Vidya Balan is also a 5 feet height actress in Bollywood list who is known for her bold appearances. The petite star has also acted in different genres of films.

Vidya Balan can make anyone go weak in the knee

In particular, her portrayal in The Dirty Picture collected thumbs up from the critics and the audience.

7. Shraddha Kapoor - 5′ 4″ feet

Shraddha Kapoor is also among the smallest actresses in Bollywood. However, her acting career is taking big leaps as the films in which she featured became incredibly successful.

Shraddha does not look like a 5 feet height actress in Bollywood list for her perfectly balanced proportion

The Stree actress has had an enjoyable year of 2020. Her movies, Street Dancer 3D and Baaghi 3 have both witnessed great incomes. Shraddha is also considered the topper of our Most Desirable Women in India 2020.

8. Sunny Leone - 5′ 4″ feet

Sunny Leone took over the town with her steamy scenes and dancing skills. The star is breathtaking in every frame and it may come across as quite surprising as she is only 5 feet 4 high.

Sunny Leone is also named in the 5 feet height actress in Bollywood list

She is always among the most searched Indian celebrities year after year for her scalding looks.

9. Yami Gautam - 5′ 5″ feet

Another Bollywood actress with 5 feet height is Yami Gautam. Although she is only 5 feet 5, her beautiful face and irresistible charm are unmatchable.

To our surprise, Yami Gautam is also in the 5 feet height actress in Bollywood list

The actress achieved her prominence after featuring in a series of Glow & Lovely commercials. She got her opportunity to be in Hindi movies and there is no turning back. The 32-year-old star may be the 5 feet height actress in Bollywood, but her success is a remarkable turning point.

10. Ileana D’Cruz - 5′ 5″ feet

Ileana looks nowhere like she is only 5.5 feet tall. She has an admirable hourglass figure and can attract any eyes with her feminine, stunning looks.

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