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Salena Harshini |Oct 04, 2020

Vidya Balan portrays a sexy and extraordinary part in the movie about a famous real-life actress who is noted for her erotic roles. Watch the film before you regret it!

Vidya Balan is among the most outspoken and talented actresses of the industry and The Dirty Picture is among her most successful movie projects. Inspired by the real-life story of Silk Smitha, a South Indian actor known for her erotic parts, The Dirty Picture full movie is always on the top search.

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With 1.17 billion INR of box-office, The Dirty Picture movie download has hardly ever stopped being sought after

Directed by filmmaker Milan Luthria, the film is clarified to be not literally or officially based on only Smitha but also on her southern peers like Disco Shanti. The Dirty Picture full movie also reflects other women's personal lives in the popular culture, including sex symbol and actress Marilyn Monroe.

The plot is about Reshma (Vidya Balan) who is a small-town girl with the hope to attain her own stardom. Setting out for Chennai with bare hands and her passion, she has to cope with rejections and struggles on her own. However, she then manages to have a breakthrough and arise as a sensual character who has the most steamy moves in town.

The entertainment world cannot remain immune to her undeniable charms and the number of her worshipers, as well as loves, just keeps on multiplying until she witnesses her own downhill. Will Reshma manage to survive the heartless world that discards people faster than the way it accepts?

All Reshma had when she went to pursue the career is her body, her straightforward sexuality, sensual moves, and unyielding confidence. Those have carried her all through a world that is ready to use a lone lady seeking support in a man's sphere. It was enough for viewers to see Silk, an unstoppable storm, in Reshma.

Determined to single-handedly conquer the entertainment industry and establish a name for herself, Reshma, who is now referred to as "Silk", is the shot that made the world go into a frenzy. Journalist and art filmmaker Abraham, groups of hysterical women, and the omnipresent moral police see her no less than rubbish. In spite of that, her fans are willing to bet their lives on her and heroes of the industry such as  Suryakant (Naseeruddin Shah) cannot keep their hands and eyes off her.

Just one dirty picture and its successive, fame, success, and name peaked to unexpected heights for the girl from nowhere. Silk's survival policy is: savor the bouquets, ignore the brickbats. And struggles with her career is not the only matter as she also faces the rejection of her family.  Watch The Dirty Picture full movie and you will see how the life of a woman thriving to be part of the entertainment world is depicted.

The film is said to be a wonderful one and has done extraordinary business. Vidya Balan runs exultantly with the movie, making the part her own remark with a considerable commitment to it. No vulgarity is available even when Balan flounders desperately and awkwardly around a lash as she visibly decides to have her own helluva time. She may not look exactly like the legend whose name is borrowed for sheer screen hotness but the actress outdoes her with a greatly unashamed oomph.

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Reviewers say she brought about the boldest performance by a lady in the Indian cinema's history. The Dirty Picture will be not just a movie for the week but also a study for feminist courses.

Meanwhile, Naseeruddin slays as usual and Tusshar Kapoor also contributes to making the movie successful. Anju Mahendru and Rajesh Sharma are also fantastic as supporting characters.

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The country was on fire after the trailer of The Dirty Picture was released. Vidya Balan was the hot topic everywhere for her oomph and flaunts. The new avatar of Emraan was also visible. Shortly, those who enjoyed seeing the film were either looking forward to seeing what Bidya Balan would show more or some delicate people impressed by the movie's centralized theme. The Dirty Picture full movie would not disappoint you and that is for sure.

Silk Smitha was a storm of her time not merely for her acting prowess but also for her sex-appeal and skin show. Although Silk was not remembered by many at the time of movie release, Milan Luthria succeeded in creating a mind-boggling film on Silk. Even the late actress herself would have been amazed if she could see the film and realize how engaging her life was to a lot of people.

Produced by Ekta Kapoor who has different films like Love Sex Aur Dhoka, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Ragini MMS, this film is yet another sexy and hatke attempt in Indian flicks.

The film is also dubbed and subbed in multiple languages like Tamil, Telugu

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