TV Star Krrip Kapoor Talks About Father's Death On His Marraige

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jun 06, 2019

He is best known for his role of Prof Vardhan Suryavanshi in Channel V India’s TV series "Sadda Haqq" and "Raahukaal" in Life OK’s Savitri.

Krrip Kapoor is an Indian model turned actor. He is best known for his role of Prof Vardhan Suryavanshi in Channel V India’s TV series Sadda Haqq and Raahukaal in Life OK’s Savitri. He also portrayed the role of Ravi Garewal in Life OK's Kalash and Adhiraj Rajawat in Zee TV's Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey serial.

Krrip Kapur Suri
Krrip Kapoor

Krrip Kap00r grabbed the headlines of the news for last-minute replacement from the serial Udann. The actor had almost reached the sets of the show when he found out that he was replaced by the actor Mohammad Nazim. Krrip will be back on the small screen now with Vish, which is another supernatural series that will replace Adaa Khan’s Vish Ya Amrit: Sitaara.

The actor has struggled so much in life, one of them being him losing his father on the day of his marriage. In a chat with Bombay Times, Krrip reveals that several family members blamed his wife, Simran for his father’s demise.

1559790412 Krip
Actor Krrip Kapoor

He said, “I lost my father to cancer on September 6, 2014, the day of our wedding. People around me blamed Simran for it, calling her inauspicious. They should realize that I got my first big break (in Kalash) after I married her. She is lucky for me, and she has been strong support during my difficult times. I love her too much, I did not let her go. For me, relationships are more valuable than money.”

Krrip Kapoor re-married Simran according to proper rituals in a Gurudwara last year in Mumbai. He said, “The wedding got delayed, as I was busy with my work.”

Actor Krrip Kapoor with his wife

Krrip Kapoor wedding has also been the talk of the television industry and full of controversies and speculations. He was rumored to be dating his TV series Kalash co-star Aparna Dixit and his wife was also rumored to be dating one of her female colleagues.

Reacting to these rumors, Krrip Kapoor said, “If you share great on-screen chemistry with your co-actor, it doesn’t mean that you are dating her. We are paid to play our parts convincingly, and if we don’t share good on-screen chemistry, the audience will not like us. There was nothing between Aparna and me. My wife knows that and in fact, she and Aparna are good friends. Yes, it took her some time to come to terms with the demands of my profession, but she understands it better now.”

He adds, “Rumours of Simran dating a female colleague are baseless, too. She was working at a production house and the bosses were impressed with her competence and diligence. Some people couldn’t digest that and starting circulating these rumors. It was Simran’s decision to quit the job. We are unfazed by the rumors of trouble in our marriage. We trust each other immensely and are going strong.”


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