TV Actress Saumya Tandon On The Journey Of Seeking Post-Pregnancy Slender Figure

Kareena Kusari |Apr 06, 2019

Saumya Tandon's attachment to gymnastics, from pilates to lifting light weights and aerial yoga, will surely rekindle the inspiration for fitness in you.

Pregnancy brings immense happiness to a young mother but inevitably potential fatigue. After a child is born, the newbie mother needs a certain amount of time to adapt herself to new circumstances and more importantly, has to face her body changes after pregnancy.

In spite of the importance of caring for newborn babies, the new mother should also focus on her postpartum body. And Saumya Tandon, best known for her performance in the TV show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, is getting used to the new phase as a new mother in her life as an expert.

Saumya Tandon 2 Peeping Moon
Saumya Tandon. Photo Credit: Peeping Moon.

During her pregnancy and the post-pregnancy period, Saumya Tandon is persistent with fitness. She will surely give the inspiration for an exercise in you, from pilates to aerial yoga,

Previously, Saumya once faced back pain symptoms after giving birth to her little munchkin Miran last January. Nevertheless, with her relentless efforts, the 34-year-old actress now has lost 9 kg over the past three months.

Let's seek inspiration for the gym with the actress' post-pregnancy fitness photos and videos here:

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In a recent interview, Saumya said that she hasn't returned to her previous physique yet. Nonetheless, she is confident that she has gone a long way on her journey to seek her past figure. The actress told Hindustan Times:

Screenshot 31

The TV actress further stated:

Screenshot 32

Fireshot Capture 060 Tv Actress Saumya Tandon On T

Talking about her journey of quick weight loss, Saumya provided everyone with a piece of exciting information about the importance of breastfeeding in losing weight. The actress revealed:

Screenshot 29

In addition to breastfeeding, Saumya significantly promotes gymnastics compared to aesthetics in the process of finding postpartum physique. The actress confided:

Screenshot 30

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Saumya tied the knot with Saurabh Devendra Singh in 2016 and welcomed her first little son last January. Currently, she has taken a career break due to her pregnancy and will supposedly make a comeback in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain shortly.


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