TV Actress Hunar Gandhi: "Makers Decided To Axe My Role Overnight"

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jun 18, 2019

"I never wanted to quit. Just because I told them I don’t want to play a mother, they decided to ax my role overnight", said the actress Hunar Gandhi.

The popular TV actress Hunar Gandhi who best known for playing the lead role of Aditi Jaiswal in Chhal, Sheh Aur Maat, Nandini in Ek Boond Ishq and Lovely in Thapki Pyaar Ki.

Hunar Gandhi also plays the role of Meeta in Patiala Babes. In this TV show, Meeta's (Hunar) pregnancy track is being explored. Hunar refused to play a mother character and requested to the makers to change serial track. The actress thought that the makers will change the track to accommodate her request but things turn out to was very different. The makers of the Patiala Babes decided to axe her character overnight because she denied playing a mother character on the screen.

Actress Hunar Gandhi
 Actress Hunar Gandhi

Hunar Gandhi revealed to the media portal, “When I accepted the role of Meeta, it wasn’t just about playing the other woman. The character had different shades. She wasn’t a negative person, but somebody who wanted to keep everyone happy. I liked the character because unlike what we see every time, the other woman here was not shown as the vamp. My track began well, but soon there was hardly anything left for me to do on the show. They even wanted me to play a mom but I refused as I did not want to play a mother for this particular role. So, though there was a pregnancy track on the show, I was assured that they will soon bring a miscarriage angle and I would not have to play mom.”

She adds, “It was disappointing because I was promised something and what eventually turned out was very different. I never wanted to quit. Just because I told them I don’t want to play a mother, they decided to ax my role overnight. It is so strange that Meeta, who was portrayed as this independent and strong woman, will go back to London like a coward. Anyway, I am happy that I was a part of a show that's inspirational for women. I am thankful to the makers that they offered me this role. The TV is a great medium to be a part of, but at times there is no clarity about how your role will shape up in the future. That’s the sad part.”


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