TV Actor Rajneesh Duggal Believes That Spiritual Stories Intrigue Him

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jun 17, 2019

"It is not just a mythology series, it is also a show with a lot of learning and knowledge attached to it,", said the popular actor Rajneesh Duggal.

The famous Bollywood and television actor Rajneesh Duggal who shot to fame in the critically and commercially successful film of the director Vikram Bhatt's, horror thriller 1920, alongside Adah Sharma, where he played the lead role of Arjun Rathod, who vows to protect his possessed wife.

The actor currently seen as Lord Krishna in a TV show likes to believe that he has some past life connection with wars, historicals, and spirituality as such stories intrigue him.

Actor Rajneesh Duggal

The 1920 actor had featured in the historical fiction show Aarambh and is now back to the small screen as Lord Krishna in Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran.

The actor Rajneesh Duggal said in a statement with IANS, "There is definitely some past life connection that I have with wars/ historicals and spirituality. It's not about the heavy costumes, but such stories intrigue me. They pull me towards them. Though 'Shrimad...' is not just a mythology series, it is also a show with a lot of learning and knowledge attached to it,"

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On his new television show, Rajneesh Duggal shared: "I have been an ardent follower of Lord Krishna since childhood. The love for Krishna is what attracted me to this role. Most importantly, with this role, I can pay a tribute to my parents who now reside in Vrindavan (the land of Krishna). My only regret is that during the course of the shoot, I lost my father, who was very eager to watch this show."

When asked Rajneesh about Past actors like Swapnil Joshi and Sourabh Jain who played the role of Lord Krishna. Rajneesh Duggal said, "It's (Shrimad...) very different from the stories that I have ever heard or seen; those are mostly the Mahabharat or the Radha Krishna love stories."

"In Shrimad..., I am essaying the role of Krishna, who is not only in love with Radha but is also answering all her questions about life, mythology, and the Puranas. Playing a God on screen is a huge responsibility and I have made sure that I portray it within that limit."

He is also working on his upcoming film Khalili Bali. Rajneesh Duggal shared," It will definitely tickle your funny bone. It's a laugh riot. For me, working with Dharamji (veteran actor Dharmendra) was a full on 'fanboy' moment. He is a legend and a very generous human being. We spoke on the importance of 'maa ka Pyaar' (mother's love) and the importance of staying connected with nature. I had a great time."


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