Exclusive Interview: "I Have Witnessed Supernatural Activities", Says Actor Rajniesh Duggall

Imran Asif Fazal |Jul 26, 2019

Actor Rajniesh Duggall revealed that one of his female crew members was "possessed" and was taken for treatment to a nearby tantrik.

Rajniesh Duggall will be seen in another horror-thriller flick Mushkil starring Kunaal Roy Kapoor and Pooja Bisht. The movie has been entirely shot in Greece and the trailer literally gives goosebumps. The movie looks promising so as the acting and the background horror score of the movie.

Rajniesh Duggall made a debut in Vikram Bhatt's super hit horror-thriller 1920. Being a supermodel and winner of numerous fashion pageants, the actor has left his footprints on small screen also with Colors mythological show Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran in which he plays the role of Lord Krishna.

In an interview with STARBIZ correspondent Imran Fazal, Rajniesh Duggall revealed that he has the first-hand experience in witnessing supernatural activity. The actor also spoke about his upcoming projects and his take on acting in web series. Excerpts...

Its yet another horror thriller for you after super hit 1920, can you describe your role in Mushkil?

This movie is completely different from the previous films, in earlier ones I have played the role of a victim but in this film, I have the supernatural powers and shakti to stop evil. I play the role of a ghost rider, hypnotist and also an exorcist. In the film, it has been shown that due to certain circumstances and over the period of the character has learned all these activities. And when other characters are in trouble, I appear to help them.

Rajniesh Duggall 2

So talking about your personal experience. Does Rajniesh Duggall believe in ghosts? 

Not exactly ghosts but I do believe in souls. I have experienced certain things also which relates to the darker side of life.

That is scary, what kind of supernatural things have you experienced. Can you recount those experiences? 

There is a number of instances which I have experienced. I will tell you about one of the incidents which took place in Benaras outside Ramgarh fort at night during the shoot of film Direct Ishq in 2015. One girl from the crew was busy on her phone and we finished our shoot and left for our hotel. Suddenly we are told in the morning that the girl has fallen ill and her eyes were blacked out. First, we thought that she is ill and required rest. She had a severe fever and her voice changed completely. This continued for three days and we all were worried about her.

The production team called a pandit and tantrik to perform rituals but that too did not help. They advised us to take her at aghori ghat to see a tantrik. There we were told that the girl should take a dip in holy Ganga river three times. The girl was a girlfriend to DoP of the film. And after that, she behaved in an abnormal way as if some soul was coming out of her body. She soon became unconscious and the next day when she woke up, she was perfectly fine.

What other projects are in your pipeline right now? 

We have finished shooting for Colors Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran and the shoot ended recently. We were shooting since last July. I am playing the role of Lord Krishna in the television show. Right now I am shooting for horror-comedy Khali Bali with Dharmendra, Madhu, Rajpal, Asrani, and Kainath. The film is on the lines of a comedy but with horror fun.

Rajniesh Duggall

You started your career as a supermodel. Does it seem that modeling has taken a backseat due to television and film offers?

I started my career with modeling and did many fashion shows and commercial shoots. But after a certain period of time, I decided to switch to acting for a year. But on and off I keep doing showstoppers and I am going through other projects and will decide on a few projects soon.


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