TV Actor Ashiesh Roy Admitted To ICU After Suffering Paralytic Stroke

Mina Muzumdar |Jan 23, 2019

Ashiesh Roy today has been admitted to hospital after he got paralytic stroke. Read detail!

Veteran actor Ashiesh Roy, who is well known after Sasural Simar Ka, Remix and Banegi Apni Baat, is now in the ICU after he got a paralytic stroke. According to the report, his brain hast a clot which cause his left side of the body unable to move.

The actor was found at home by his driver who supposed to pick him up for a shoot. After that, he was moved to the hospital. Last year, Ashiesh Roy was operated after the doctor found he has a blood clot in his brain.


Took to social media, producer Vinta Nanda spread the news on Facebook in an attempt to connect with his family member.


Updating about his current stage, Amit Behl - CINTAA joint secretary further added:



Tina Ghai then detailed the actor health: “When the driver reached his house this morning, Ashiesh told him that his left arm is locked. This is the second time in just two years that he has got a paralytic stroke.” She also noted that the actor is not required to put on a ventilator, he still able to communicate and still awake. Further course of action will be taken after the final report is out by this evening.


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