Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars: The World Of Teens And Tweens Fulfills The Color Of Youth

Nalini Suri |Oct 08, 2019

When TikTok is developing as a tool to entertain everyone, let’s come up with some of Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars showing their talents through this app.

When the day is down and your glow is brown, some cute and innocent moments from Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars may help out. Not being as popular as Instagram or Facebook, the presence of TikTok stands its term of fun and youth, which revealed a happier aspect of life.

As per reports, there are over 500 million users registering this app to make their day. The development of TikTok has implicated the stardom of several influencers, representing for Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars.

This platform of social media allows young people to expose their skills such as imitating, lip-sync or something else, besides the professional talents from the Bollywood world.

After facing some issues related to unrated contents, TikTok has made its reappearance in India and created a great platform for everyone to open their minds.

#16: Faiz Baloch

Ever locating on the fashion path over Instagram, Faiz Baloch has garnered a certain followers and quickly became popular on TikTok. With a lovely and innocent acting skill, he has been followed by 9.7 million users and won 496 million hearts for his videos.

Faiz Baloch

Joining Team 07, Faiz has had some duet performance with Mr Faisu (Faisal Shaikh), Hasnain, and Adnaan that later he achieved a crowned muser badge. The 26-year-old TikTok star who was born in Mumbai has been on his way to becoming an artist in modelling and acting. Some sources noted his net worth is about Rs 25-30 lakh.

#17: Vishal Pandey

The Mumbai-born TikTok star is especially famous for his pure acting skill in some comedy video on this platform of social media. The first impression he creates is his astounding and charming look and his signature smile that can drive the Sun towards your worst day.

Apart from his flexible appearance, Vishal has showcased his fundamental skills of parody making, lip-adjusting, and two-part harmonies. His videos and style-mastering are just beautiful entertaining tools to shoot his precious identification as you cannot ignore anything he makes.

#18: Sana Khan

Sana Khan

Owing to an appearance like a doll, Sana Khan has earned 6.7 million followers on TikTok (the same as Vishal Pandey) and primarily caught the eyes for her pretty look. Among Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars, she is the one to be an ace comedian to win the prestigious badge and also gained a crowned muser.

Sana Khan

Performing the popular skill of lip-syncing and comedy videos on TikTok, the 21-year-old girl has been swimming in the stardom of this app. She is reported to put a shoe on modelling soon when currently, Sana is collaborating with Stardom Studios to make some portfolio shoots.

#19: Rashi Khairwar

Rashi Khairwar

Uploading two or three videos every day on TikTok app, Rashi Khairwar is running her popularity with 6.5 followers and collected 143 million hearts. Most of her TikTok videos show her acting skill in comedy clips, plus her talents in excellent dancing.

Besides just a star on TikTok, Rashi is also well-known for her influencing videos on her own YouTube channel. Also mastering a Barbie look, she got clicks for all of her pics on social media and dropped a sweet moment in many boys’ eyes.

#20: Bhavin Bhanushali

Bhavin Bhanushali

Signing a step as an actor in the tinsel town, Bhavin quickly gained stardom when coming to show his talents on TikTok. Amongst 6 million followers on this app, he attracted the eyes of the girls more than ever for his chocolate hero personality and a dreamy candy to reach.

Bhavin has created a popular TikTok trio with Vishal Pandey and Sameeksha Sud, grabbing all the attention from viewers. Needless to claim, three of them have been combining perfectly that even garners the views of more than 2 billion times.

As representatives for the talented young generation, these above influencers in Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars are spreading their new system of ideology as well as browsing a new door for the entertainment industry.


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