Top 10 Most Popular Indian YouTubers 2019: Nisha Madhulika - The Queen Of Indian Recipes

Rose Advani |Sep 28, 2019

Nisha Madulika stands out as a superstar YouTuber regrading cooking at the age of 60. Her YouTube channel earned millions of subscribers and is in the Top 10 most popular Indian YouTubers 2019.

Nisha Madhulika is an adorable woman who is doing a fantastic job as a YouTuber at the age of 60. The woman started to upload her first video on YouTube 7 years ago and her cooking videos dramatically went to viral.

Presently, her YouTube channel has crossed over 7 million subscribers that put her name on the Top 10 most popular Indian YouTubers 2019.

Top 10 Most Popular Indian YouTubers 2019
Nisha Madhulika astounds as a 60-year-old YouTuber

Nisha is a Masterchef with a passion for cooking. And she creates her channel to inspire her passion for the young generation. Mrs. Madhulika even becomes featured on YouTube’s top chefs coffee table book.

Top 10 Most Popular Indian YouTubers 2019: Nisha Madhulika – The Inspirational Chef for Indian Food
Mrs. Madhulika featured on YouTube’s top chefs coffee table book

However, she does not receive any endorsement or promotions on her YouTube channel. She wants to be on her way to share something useful for her patrons:

"Money is not the driving factor in this enterprise. I am making good progress and there's no reason to be dissatisfied with what we are already doing. How can you endorse a brand if you don't believe in it 100 percent? You can't let a brand tell you what to say, and what not to."

All fans give the 60-year-old YouTuber their admiration due to the way she pursues her passion.  Nisha did not mind to work as a YouTuber, which is trusted as this career is for the young generation. She stated that “it doesn't matter if you are young or old to pursue your passion”.

With her food YouTube and blog channel, Nisha Madhulika proves that “you’re never too old to start a new career. All it needs is some passion and hard work.”

The happiness of other families around delicious meals is a big motivation for Nisha to move on and be better.

What is her plan in the future?

Mrs. Madhulika shared that she will keep going with her YouTuber channel because she believes that the internet is booming in India. And here is a great way to inspire her cooking passion to the young generation. She will tend to guide health Indian recipes for everyone, and the vegetarian cooking channel is one of her plans.

Her advice for any woman with the same passion

Nisha stated that finance is not her object when starting this channel. And the advice for any woman who plans to launch a YouTube channel “it is going to be tough, but you are worthy. Believe in yourself and learn as much as you can. Success will come to you sooner or later.”

Top 10 Most Popular Indian YouTubers 2019
She inspires the love with Indian recipes for the young

Nisha Madhulika, at the age of 60, is an inspiration chef and one of Top 10 most popular Indian YouTubers 2019, motivates the young generation the passion with Indian food and get familiar with any recipes through her simple videos. All fans put their admiration for the woman who does not care about the age issue and willing to face any challenge to spread her passion to the world.

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