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Leela Adwani |Nov 23, 2020

It goes without saying Tiger Pop and Vartika Jha dance left a mark on the audiences’ minds. Check out their best performances!

The much-viewed television show India’s Best Dancer season 1 finally found its winner and this title called out the name of Ajay Singh a.k.a Tiger Pop on Sunday.  The topper who comes from Gurugram lifted the trophy along with a whopping cash prize worth Rs 15 lakh and especially a Maruti car. Joining him for the victory is none other than his own choreographer Vartika Jha who also got a cheque prize of Rs 5 lakh. Their performance truly burned the stage of the show through episodes. It goes without saying Tiger Pop and Vartika Jha dance left a mark on the audiences’ minds.

Tiger Pop And Vartika Jha Dance Ft
Tiger Pop and Vartika Jha's best performances

Other than Tiger Pop, the top 5 finalists included Mukul Gain, Paramdeep Singh, Subhranil Paul, and Shweta Warrier who gave the viewers top-notch performances in various dance forms. However, we had to choose only one ultimate winner and the audience eventually voted for Tiger Pop. Yes, the show finally culminated in an extremely nail-biting moment when announcing the first winner.

Tiger Pop And Vartika Jha Dance
Vartika Jha shared happiness with the winner

If Tiger Pop was awarded the first prize, Mukul Gain followed him with the second spot and the third one belonged to Shweta Warrier. The finale was described as nothing short of a joyous celebration with music, light, passionate dance moves, and non-stop entertainment. The breathtaking dance performances of the judges also turned out to be a highlight of the show. Before watching the best videos of Tiger Pop and Vartika Jha dance, here are some interesting facts about our new winner.

Tiger Pop And Vartika Jha Dance 2
Tiger Pop's talented dancing skill wins the hearts of the judge

Tiger Pop’s real name is Ajay Singh and Popping Style is his strong suit. Throughout 47 episodes, his talent totally won the hearts of the audiences and the judges who even called him HD Poper. IBD’s first winner doesn’t hail from a wealthy family who can support him financially to pursue his passion for dancing. In fact, his parents are migrant workers from the lower middle class.

He stunned the judges right on the audience round. Opting for the song Bekhayali, Tiger Pop flaunted his excellent Popping skill that raised the eyebrows of all three senior dancers. Judge Terence Lewis even said that Tiger’s performance truly gave him goosebumps. It’s not far off the mark to say he left a good impression on the very first stages.

Tiger Pop And Vartika Jha Dance 3
He deserves to be the first winner of the show

Talking about the win of Tiger Pop, diva Malaika Arora stated that he is very brilliant as he knows and understands what he is doing. She also thinks that the audience has already given the verdict on the same. Tiger Pop deserves that success. Meanwhile, Terence further added that his journey with India’s Best Dancer is way too amazing. From his mom’s favorite, now he becomes the whole country’s favorite. Explaining that, the judge stated his performance, grace, and style totally stole our hearts.

Vartika Jha 2
Vartika Jha is part of his today success

However, Tiger Pop will not be Tiger Pop of today without the tremendous help from choreographer Vartika Jha.

Vartika Jha
She is 20 years old now and has a big passion for dancing

The 20-year-old dancer hails from a similar background to Tiger and that might stand behind the reason why they can share a lot of things in common. It’s not far off the mark to say it helped them deliver great performances on the stages.

Vartika Tiger Magical Performance Judges Indias Be
The duo shares great chemistry on the stage

Vartika Jha is relatively passionate about dancing and she is one of the finalists of another hot dance show “Dance Plus 4.” When the passion was big enough she decided to move to Mumbai herself where she found a lot of opportunities to develop her career as a professional dancer. The young starlet made a long-lasting impression on the audience and the judges of the show with her unique and creative dance moves. That’s why every Tiger Pop and Vartika Jha dance performance got a good response from the viewers.

Vartika Tiger Magical Performance Judges Indias Be
We can't replay Tiger Pop and Vartika Jha dance videos

In the show, India’s Best Dancer, Tiger, and Vartika gave us a lot of a

mazing performances. Here are some:

Following a retro style, the duo set the Internet on fire with their beautiful dance move on the song Essence.

Tiger Pop and Vartika Jha dance video which was aired on 26 October was also one of the best performances of not only the pair but also the show.

It would not be an overstatement to say the journey to conquer the summit of India’s Best Dancer of the winner Tiger Pop is way too inspiring. From a little shy boy, he could break all stereotypes and got respect from other contestants. Ajay Singh off stage and Tiger Pop on stage are different people as Ajay can never set the temperature soaring but Tiger can do so.

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