Super Dancer Chapter 3: Rupsa Batabyal Makes Shilpa Shetty Feel Ashamed

Priyansh Ha |Mar 03, 2019

Kriti Sanon was startled by the Super dancer's performance.

Super Dancer
Rupsa Batabyal and Shilpa Shetty. Source: Bollywoodlife

Rupsa Batabyal is a 6-year-old little girl coming from Kolkata. The reticent and timid girl has surprisingly won every audiences’ hearts somehow. Usually, Rupsa is the most reversed participant, and we can barely hear a word from her. Astoundingly, as soon as she makes a step on the stage, her moves become a phenomenon.

Her outstanding performance not only proved that she is a professional dancer at an unbelievable young age but has also gained people’s affection by her dancing skill as well as her unique body language.
At the moment, all the judges of the show were extremely beguiled by her talent and they couldn’t even believe this was real. Rupsa’s dance moves and her amazing way to do thumkas made the thumkas queen - Shilpa Shetty judges her skills.

Rupsa Makes Shilpa Feel Ashamed

According to Shilpa, Rupsa’s elegance and professional dancing skill astonished her and made her feel ashamed. After that, Kriti Sanon promptly sides with Shilpa Shetty’s confession and added that she truly had a feeling that she was nothing compare to Rupsa. Kriti continued by setting Rupsa and Madhuri Dixit side by side, saying that the way Rupsa moved her waist was so identical to Madhuri, surprisingly. 
In Super Dancer Chapter 3, Rupsa is absolutely a Chotta packet, bada Dhamaka. She has repeatedly proved that time or age is just a number. It’s the passion you have that speaks louder than any words.


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