Sidharth Shukla Buries All Hatchet With Asim Riaz, Says All Is Well

Imran Asif Fazal |Feb 21, 2020

Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz were the arch rivals inside the Bigg Boss house and now it seems everything is fine between of them.

Bigg Boss 13 became one of the controversial season ever. From violent content on national television to allegations of fixed winner controversy, the audience hailed Sidharth Shukla as the ultimate winner. Asim Riaz and Sidharth's tussle continued till the last episode. But now after the show ended, it seems both have buried the hatchet between them and now all is well between them.

Bigg Boss 13 Winner Name
Sidharth Shukla became highest tweeted contestant on Twitter.

The amicable hand shakes on and off camera between Asim and Sidharth Shukla and their similar response to allegations on fixed winners clearly points that they have forgotten the past and both will focus on future projects. Asim and Sidharth were the most conflicting contestant on the show from physical to verbal abuse taking place between them on even minutest situation.

In an interview with a leading newspaper, Sidharth Shukla said that he had met Asim outside the house and everything has been cleared between them. They both shook hands and cleared the animosity. Sidharth further said that he never planned to defeat Asim and get the trophy. He truly wanted to win the show in a clean and simple way. When he was asked if Asim managed to give him a tough competition, to which he said that whenever he enters into a competition he never bothers about who is his competitor.

He claimed that he only focused on winning and concentrate on what best can be done to win the trophy. All the competitors were strong and fabulous but i always believed in chasing the goal i had set and step by step, things happened. Moreover, Twitter India also revealed that Sidharth Shukla became the highest contestant to be tweeted by the netizens. During every controversial episode, Sidharth Shukla was seen trending on Twitter and his fans and haters kept the conversation on fire throughout Bigg Boss 13 show.


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