Anand Goradia Stands Up For #MeToo By Revealing One Of His Darkest Stories Ever

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 15, 2018

Anand Goradia joins the #MeToo movement by sharing one of his darkest secrets ever. He reveals an incident with a senior writer happened years ago.

#MeToo is a popular movement against sexual harassment among celebrities nowadays. The movement is going viral and Bollywood is not an exception. There are many victims from the country have bravely described how they were affected by sexual assault. Recently, Anand Goradia from "Shakti" has also stood up for the #MeToo by revealing one of his darkest secrets ever in his life. In an interview with the national "Times", Anand made everyone shocked when he disclosed that he was also a victim of sexual harassment. The culprit was a writer and his name was still a secret. Although the incident happened 15 years ago, it is still a nightmare to Anand. Moreover, the culprit still meets him in the present!


A Dangerous Invitation For Fame

Anand Goradia said that the incident had taken place many years ago. At that time, he was not a popular actor. He was still trying to succeed in his career. Later, there was that one writer appeared. The writer offered Anand a chance to join a famous production. That person promised that he would help Anand to get his own name in the industry. By that, he invited the "Shakti" actor to his house and offered alcohol. What shocked everyone was that the senior actor even got Anand to watch porn with him.


Everything Started To Go Wrong

Right at that moment, Anand realized the real intention. When he asked about the other's misleading act, that person directly answered that he needed to accept it. If not, Anand could not get the chance to be famous. However, Anand strongly declined him.


He Could Not Look At Me Now

Despite the dark past, Anand disclosed that they still see each other every now and then in the present. The senior writer still meets his victim, although Anand was no longer to be an unpopular actor. However, due to the incident, that writer could not look at Anand and acts as nothing had happened between them.


Anyone Can Be At Risk

The story is dark, but what even worse is that no one is an exception. According to Anand Goradia, sexual harassment and assault could take place anywhere. The temptation is something real in this industry, and anyone could be lured by the fame and the luxurious things.


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