'25-paisa Defamation Amount, That's All Tanushree Dutta Worth', says Rakhi Sawant

Mina Muzumdar |Nov 11, 2018

Respond to Tanushree Dutta accusation, Rakhi Sawant claimed the Horn Ok Please actress is the puppet whose strings pulled by America

Rakhi Sawant and Tanushree Dutta embroiled in feud a few weeks ago and their verbal fight seems hard to end. Earlier, the former Miss Indian Universe termed Rakhi Sawant as “A pig in the sewer”. And the host of Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan also gave a snappy comeback. In an interaction with media, Rakhi Sawant responded with a blunt statement that the Chocolate actress looks like an ‘ugly buffalo’. Furthermore, Tanushree has no right to criticize any women’s appearance.

Tanushree Dutta Looks Like A Buffalo, Says Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant full response

“She is the real pig… All she does is just sit and eat, snort cocaine and other drugs”, Rakhi sarcastically commented. Moreover, the host of the television show claimed that the Horn Ok Please actress is a jobless person and has a few money in the bank.

Tanushree Dutta Is Making Money Out Of The #MeToo Movement

Tanushree Dutta is trying to earn money from her Metoo story

In a trip back to India, the Horn Ok Please actress made known of her Metoo story in media. Immediately, her confession was flooded on the internet and received a mixed opinion from the industry. After that, Rakhi Sawant come out with allegations against the former beauty of sexual harassment. In the most recent, Rakhi Sawant alleged that Tanushree is just a puppet whose strings are pulled by America.

“Tanushree Dutta want to spoil India’s image with the tag of rapist country. She is a traitor and nothing else”, the sex symbol of Bollywood affirmed.

She Is Worth Just 25 Paise

“25 Paise, that’s all she worth”

“I chose 25 paise as the compensation amount. That’s all she worth,” Rakhi said, by way of explanation. Earlier, the talkshow host filed a defamation worth Rs 50 Crore against Tanushree but then afjust the amount to only 25 paisa. As Rakhi Sawant stated, she found that amount is equal to the valuation of the Horn Ok Please actress.

I Feel Bad For Her Parents, Says Rakhi Sawant

“I feel very bad for Tanushree’s parents”

Moreover, Rakhi Sawant concluded by saying Tanushree’s parents are great people who she has great respect for. Thus, she affirmed will never speak against them.

“Personally, I feel very bad for her parents”, Rakhi said.


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