Paras Chhabra Opens Up About His Baldness & Wearing A Wig

Mohnish Singh |Apr 28, 2020

Paras Chhabra has become a household name after participating in Salman Khan’s controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 13.

Paras Chhabra needs no introduction! He has become a household name after participating in Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 13. However, some avid watchers of the popular show were in for a shock when it became obvious that Paras Chhabra is bald and uses a hair patch.

Paras Chhabra has been quite open about his baldness and wearing a wig on the popular reality show. Talking to a publication, the hot and handsome television star said that one cannot run away from reality. He also added that he spoke about his hair patches and stammering himself because there was nothing to hide.

Paras Chhabra
Paras Chhabra is hugely popular among girls

The actor went on to add that he has been modelling for several years now and because of the harsh lights, hair actually gets scanty. He felt that it did not look nice especially for the kind of roles that he was doing. Additionally, he was playing the character of Duryodhana and the mukut was very heavy, which led to hair loss.

Paras Chhabra revealed that taking steroids for faster results on body is also one of the reasons for hair loss. At times, being an actor, when one wants to get a good physique and see faster results, one takes steroids too. As a result, there can be scanty hair.

Paras Chhabra said that he is unperturbed by people calling him bald as he had spoken about his problem on his own on national television. It does not affect his personality and it is a very trivial thing. The actor said that if he does a film tomorrow and it works, then people will forget all this and it will not matter to them if he wears a patch on his hair or not. He said that he can carry anything.

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