Hilarious "Paper Towel Challenge" Videos Leave People In Splits, Top Trending On TikTok And Twitter

Salena Harshini |Mar 10, 2020

These "Paper Towel Challenge" videos are trending online and they will surely crack up with hilarious messages.

We believe that most people who read this are either a TikTok user or have at least seen a TikTok video which randomly pops up on their social media. The vids either make you want to watch more or get some real cringe in the bones.

While many of them have trended for the entertaining factors, some challenging footages are considered to go off the limits, even too dangerous or fatal. For starters, the Salt challenge, Skull breaker challenge or cereal challenge are some among the endless list.

Screenshot 1
This is basically how the "Paper Towel Challenge" looks like

Well, this time around, another challenge is trending and has made people quite busy. Paper Towel Challenge is actually a harmless game where people can be seen writing messages on the paper towel. However, the magic takes place when that piece of paper is put underwater. Voila! It reveals your hidden message!

Here is how this challenge works:

  • Fold a paper towel in half, take a marker and write a message on the front side of that paper towel.
  • Flip to the towel’s backside and write the hidden message that you want to reveal when the paper touches the water. Bam! There you go with the Paper Towel Challenge game.

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Take a look at some of the videos that have been widely spread among Internet users:

It seems that many people have been jumping on the bandwagon and shared different incomplete notes on them. Some have come up with a cute message while others impressed the watchers with disappointing or surprising hidden notes. A number of them surely leaves you in splits.

With Holi just came round the corner, the Paper Towel Challenge seems to be more like the Rang Badley challenge.

Anyways, just a friendly reminder, to who are wasting paper towels, we are all facing a massive crisis. We are just putting it out here, casually!

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