10 Old-Fashion Challenges With Friends To Set The Parties On Fire

Nari Chakraborty |Oct 14, 2019

Sometimes, chatting or getting drunk with your friends isn't enough to make the party unforgettable. Check out these 10 challenges with friends which are never out of trends. 

Sometimes, chatting or getting drunk with your friends isn't enough to make the party unforgettable. Check out these 10 challenges with friends which are never out of fashion.

1. Ice bucket challenge

This game used to be a big hit back then. You just need a giant bucket with ice water and, obviously, some willing players who're ready to "get wet". Their screams together with funny facial expressions are the most amazing thing about this challenge.

fun challenges with friends
Adam Levine tries the Ice Bucket Challenge with his friends

2. Chubby bunny challenge

Remember the most popular by the campfire? Chubby bunny is more of a ritual than a game. And prepare a lot of packets of marshmallows for this one. The one with the most marshmallows in the mouth wins!

fun challenges with friends
Camilla Cabello eats too many marshmallows

3. What's in the box challenge

Grab randomly something around the house, put them in a box and let your friends guess through their touch. Enjoy your satisfaction while the participants freak out because they have no idea what's in the box.

fun challenges with friends
We freak out because of our own thoughts

4. Try not to laugh challenge

Old but gold ... and simple. Search on Youtube some funny video complications and your squad can have endless laughter all night long.

fun challenges with friends
Who will be the last survivor with the hardest game in the world?

5. Riff Off Challenge

Based on the classic scenes from Pitch Perfect, ask your friends to gather some familiar places in the town and have your own battle. Basically, pick a category, sing a song of that genre, the next team/person must start another song with the same word the previous team/person sang. In case you haven't understood the rule yet, check out this video cut from the movie!

6. Whisper Challenge

You might have an earache after playing this game but it's totally worth it. Your partner wears headphones while you whisper song lyrics to them. Make sure that they can hear nothing at all. The team with the highest points wins.

fun challenges with friends
Keanu Reeves: The whisper challenge with Jimmy Fallon

7. Guess the lyrics challenge

Write down a random part of a song and put all the papers in a box. Players will pick a paper and try to figure out the lyrics that come right next. Well, it's a chance to see your friends singing. Check out the celebrities from Descendants 2 cast playing this game!

8. Egg Roulette Challenge

This game is relatively 'wasting' as you will need a lot of eggs. Mix the hard-boiled eggs with the raw ones and put them on the same plate. One by one, take an egg and smash it on their head. Let's see who is the luckiest who doesn't pick the raw eggs!

fun challenges with friends
Egg Roulette Challenge with Anne Kendrick

9. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

Take advantage of cosmetics that are about to expire or about to use up. Have a makeover with your friends who now lose the ability to see. Ready for big laughs?

fun challenges with friends
Kylie Jenner plays the blindfold makeup challenge with her friend

10. Lemon Challenge

Another game with food. Cut lemons into wedges and see who is the last survivor. It's not as easy as you think it is!

fun challenges with friends
Who can eat up a whole lemon should be respected!

Hopefully, with these 10 challenges, you will be a master of fun games and an indispensable guest of any friends' parties.


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