10 Times Nia Sharma Turns Heads In Hot And Sexy Monochrome Looks

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 26, 2020

Today, let’s take a hint from the new sexy icon woman of India Nia Sharma. See what you can pick up from her great fashion sense right below!

Apart from being a young talented TV actress, Nia Sharma also wins our hearts for her great sense of fashion. Nina enjoys refreshing her image, which can explain the reason why she doesn't have a fixed style. She loves experimenting with everything and every time she shows up, no one can take eyes off her. Whether she decides to go sexy, elegant, funky or casual, our queen slays!

Nia Sharma
Take a cue from Nia Sharma to steal the spotlight with monochrome!

Today, let’s take a hint from the new sexy icon woman of India. See what you can pick up from her great fashion sense right below:

Casual look

Casually chilling by the pool in a red jacket beautifully contrasted with a white dress, the actress absolutely killed it. Nia Sharma really knows how to look trendy but formal at the same time.

Nia Sharma 7
She stuns in a chic and sassy look with a white shirt and black shorts
Nia Sharma 9
Nia Sharma, one of the hottest TV actresses of India

Airport style

Celebrities’ airport fashion will forever be the talk of the town! Here we can see how clever she is when choosing airport outfits. She managed to keep it simple but chic by mixing loose pants with a white chemise and layering with a printed black crop top.

Nia Sharma 12
Back to basic with a black tanktop and cap

Wear shorts!

We all love wearing shorts on the beach. Nia is no exception when it comes to shorts. A clever combination with the right makeup look and matching accessories is the key to accentuate your outfit.

Nia Sharma 8
This look of her can set everyone on fire

When in doubt, wear black.

In black outfits, Nia Sharma looks absolutely alluring. She can wear any black items from a gown, an off-shoulder to a short dress and still slay it.

Nia Sharma 10
When it comes to black, Nia slays it like no one else with a black one-piece swimsuit and an extra-long lace panel

Put on accessories

A nice outfit would never be completed without matching accessories. Choosing accessories to pair with the outfit can take it to another level or completely ruin it. When it comes to accessories, we can totally count on Nia Sharma. Look at how she wears every kind of accessories from clips, hair bands to rings! She knows exactly how to put them together.

Nia Sharma 5
The actress goes bold with statement accessories and jacket leather

To paint the town red

Recently, the Naain 4 actress took the internet by storm by flaunting her sexy curves in a red swimsuit. Here's a couple snaps of her to take a look at!

Nia Sharma 2
A sun-kissed photo of Nia in sexy swimsuit
Nia Sharma 3
This is just gorgeous!

Glam it up!

Pairing this stunning a yellow sari with sparkling golden earrings, Nia can rock this look on multiple occasions whether it is a dinner date, a party or even an award event.

Nia Sharma 13
Nia Sharma steals the spotlight with gorgeous outfits

Style with white

White is the most basic color in the pallet but it doesn’t mean that this is the most boring one. In fact, you can pull off multiple styles with white. If you are still confused about how to mix a white outfit, take hints from our fashion icon - Nia Sharma. With this long white dress, Nia looks just like an angel falls from the sky. Taking off the dress, putting on a short skirt together with a crop top, she completely transformed into a trendy girl.

Nia Sharma 11
Nia stuns in an elegant yet sexy jumpsuit
Nia Sharma 4
She opted a tight slit white dress with a pair of white heels.

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