Mouni Roy And Nia Sharma Never Cease To Surprise Us With Their Hot Tops And Pants Combinations

Leela Adwani |Oct 25, 2020

Other being known to be television superstars, Mouni Roy and Nia Sharma are also touted as the fashionistas in the industry. See their best looks while wearing top and pants.

When it comes to the top divas in the telly world, Mouni Roy and Nia Sharma are obviously two first names popping into our minds. They are not only talented with great acting skills but also way too charming. The audience from all quarters loves the way they perform in each of their films, their down-to-earth manner in real life, and especially their impeccable style.

Be it the red carpet looks or casual ones, they always manage to make headlines with their fashion statements. They are young starlets of the television industry and have been sometimes spotted wearing hot tops and pants. It goes without saying it’s an ideal combination to flaunt their sexy curves but still make them feel comfortable while wearing it.

Mouni Roy Crop Top And Camouflage Trousers
Mouni Roy In Crop Top And Camouflage Trousers

It’s not wrong to say the easy-breezy dresses of Mouni Roy definitely give us a love-at-first-sight moment as they deliver a girly and romantic vibe. However, we bet that you will never forget her image when donning sexy tops and pants.

Mouni Roy
Mouni Roy doesn't shy away from flaunting her body

Looking at her pictures might inspire you to incorporate such items into your style for a brunch or dinner date. It surely looks so on point.

Mouni Roy 2
Wearing hot gym outfits is also her favorite

Other being known to be television superstars, they are also touted as the fashionistas in the industry. The ladies have given inspiration for many women to upgrade their wardrobe and keep up with the latest fashion trends. It’s not far off the mark to say they are true trendsetters and their Instagram handle proves it all.

Nia Sharma 3
Nia Sharma is also a force to be reckoned with

Meanwhile, Nia manages to keep her style simple but classy. She has never ceased to surprise everyone with her tops and pants combinations.

Nia Sharma 154701155100
Both Mouni Roy and Nia Sharma are the hottest names in the telly world

Every now and then these hot actresses have been giving us a bunch of major fashion goals with their stunningly beautiful looks.

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