#BoycottErosNow Wave Sweeps Over The Internet Due To Its “Vulgar” And “Offensive” Posters

Leela Adwani |Oct 23, 2020

A part of Eros Now's promotion campaign sparked outrage among the netizens for the obscene messages that denigrate the Hindu festival of Navratri.

Eros Now is currently the hottest name on the Internet as this web streaming service has recently stirred up a storm of controversies on social media for its advertisement campaign. A part of their promotion sparked outrage among the netizens for the obscene messages that denigrate the Hindu festival of Navratri.

Boycott Eros Now 2
The caption of the post was way too controversial

For those who are unversed, Eros Now is owned by the well-known motion picture production firm Eros International. It is currently finding itself in extremely hot water as its Navratri posters are said to be vulgar and offensive. Such pictures that were shared on the company’s social media accounts feature big names from Bollywood films.

Boycott Eros Now 4
The campaign is said to be vulgar

Needless to say, within a few hours, angry social media users across the country give a call to boycott this service for its actions. The hashtag #BoycottErosNow has been trending high on Twitter India since Saturday.

Boycott Eros Now 3
The company then removed the post from its social media account

Overwhelmed by the negative reactions from the netizens, the representative from Eros Now went on record to share a statement to apologize for its inappropriate posts.

Especially, Ramesh Solanki who is known to be an avid Hindu activist even announced that he is about to take legal action against this company for hurting the Hindus’ sentiment.

They wrote,

"We at Eros love and respect our cultures equally. It is not, and it has never been, our intention to hurt anyone's emotions. We have deleted the concerned posts and we apologise for having offended anyone's sentiments."

Earlier, a complaint has been filed against the Sadak 2 film crew at a Maharajganj court for hurting sentiments of the Hindu community in their poster. The advocate said in his complaint that the name of the film got more importance than the mountain and it hurts the Hindu community’s feeling.

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